America’s Got Talent Recap 6/2/15 – Audition 2 – Season 10

By on June 2, 2015
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America’s Got Talent is kicking off the second night of auditions for Season 10 with some truly great talent!


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Judges Heidi Klum, Mel B., Howie Mandel, and Howard Stern will be joined by host Nick Cannon as they watch this season’s hopefuls perform for their chance to make it through to the next round!

Contestant: DM Nation
Talent: Dance Troupe
Performance Notes: Howie said that they showed off moves he’s never seen before, while Heidi called them perfection. Howard called them “fantastic,” and Mel B. gave them an enthusiastic “off the chain!”
The Results: With a resounding yes, we’re off to a triumphant start tonight!

Contestant: Wayne
Talent: Danger Act
Performance Notes: Wayne will be attempting to discern some dude firecrackers from live firecrackers – that could potentially blow his brains out. He’ll also be wearing a metal, completely light proof blind fold – which Howie has examined and verified. He asked Howie to mix the firecrackers up. The “Danger” portion of his act is that he’ll be guessing which firecracker is the live one by having the other two put into his mouth with the fuse lit… so yeah, not safe. And yet he pulled it off.
The Results: Howard and Heidi both enjoyed it, while Mel called it brilliant. Howie said he enjoyed it thoroughly, and each judge said that they definitely wanted to see him back!

Contestant: The CraigLewis Band (Yes, that is spelled correctly – the space is omitted intentionally)
Talent: Singing
Performance Notes: The judges were obsessed with the singers, with Howie saying that they deserve “a million dollar buffet” (because they said they love singing at venues where they get free food). Howard said they “took a song that was very difficult and they owned it.”
The Results: Four enthusiastic yeses send them on to the next!

Contestant: Stevie
Talent: Professional Regurgitator … yeah, you read that right.
Performance Notes: This is honestly one of the weirdest things I have ever seen in my entire life. He literally swallows things – dollar coins, light bulbs, sugar – and regurgitates them whole on command. He even numbered the coins and was able to pull them up on command by “rotating” them in his stomach. Oh – and uhm, sugar. undissolved… after drinking water. WHAT?!
The Results: Every judge loved the performance – so he’s coming back!

Contestant: Ronnie
Talent: Dancer
Performance Notes: Awww, poor Ronnie. He made it approximately 3 seconds before getting the X from Howard, then Mel, and finally Howie.
The Results: Nope.

Contestant: Benjamin
Talent: Dancer
Performance Notes: In addition to being an amazing dancer, Benjamin is also overcoming a huge obstacle – he’s nearly completely blind. He’s currently 14 years old, and about 2 years ago his retina started dying. He now uses Google Glass to expand his field of vision as much as possible, but only has about 4 degrees of vision, meaning he can’t see much more than what’s directly in front of his eyeball. And that’s only 1 eyeball.
The Results: Four enthusiastic yeses!

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