America’s Got Talent Recap 6/23/15 – Audition 5 – Season 10

By on June 23, 2015
America's Got Talent Nick Cannon
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Tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent looks like it’s going to be amazing.


As always, host Nick Cannon will be joined by judges Mel B., Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, and Howie Mandel as AGT hopefuls show their talents for a chance to make it to the live shows and ultimately win $1 million!

And we’re off! Heidi is the only judge who hasn’t used the Golden Buzzer this season – will tonight be the night?

Contestant: Zack and Cameron
Talent: Dancing
Performance Notes: The performance was cute, and the judges seemed to like it. The Gentlemen, as they call themselves, were positively giddy at the end of their routine, which made it all worth it.
The Results: Howard kicked off the judging with a big “yes,” with Heidi and Mel following suit, making Howie’s fourth yes unnecessary, but much appreciated.

Contestant: Oz (pronounced Oh-z)
Talent: Mentalist
Performance Notes: Honestly, these acts always trip me out. Oz managed to guess a number that Heidi was thinking of… and then identified a trip that Mel B. had taken with a friend (well, a fellow Spice Girl – Geri) to Fiji in 1998. Quite specific!
The Results: The judges were astounded (and so was I) – and so, he’s off to the next round!

Contestant: Brittney
Talent: Singer
Performance Notes: She started off really strong but – as she was playing the piano(!!) – she messed up a couple of keys and stopped her performance. She looked as if she was prepared to walk off the stage but the judges encouraged her to give it another shot, thankfully. She’s got a beautiful voice and she’s obviously a pretty talented piano player as well.
The Results: Well, the audience loved her and gave her a standing ovation, and Mel stood up to give her a hug because she started crying on stage after performing her great set! Howie kicked things off and said she was “amazingly talented,” and that there’s a lesson to be learned – “never give up.” Mel said that she’s “so sweet and immediately likable,” while Heidi said she thought she had a lovely voice. Howard finished things off by saying that she’s “very very likable,” although he said her piano playing isn’t strong enough. He said that ultimately he thinks she does have talent, but he doesn’t know if it’s enough to go on to the next round. And so – what was the final verdict? Howie gave her a yes, Howard said no because he doesn’t think she’s ready, while Heidi gave her a yes. It all came down to Mel B. who said that although she agrees with Howard that it wasn’t perfect, she is going to give her a “yes,” and she’s off to the next round!

Contestant: Birdie Sue
Talent: Bird Whistler
Performance Notes: So, Birdie’s talent is that she can whistle like a bird. It sounds silly, but it’s actually quite amazing – she sounds JUST like a bird. However… is it worth a million dollars? The audience seems to think so, since they gave her a standing ovation.
The Results: Heidi said it wasn’t for her and gave her a no, while Howard said she’s on to something so bizarre and different that it’s entertainment and that’s what he thinks that was. Howie doesn’t think it’s worth a million dollars, so he gave her a no. Mel B. joined Howie and Heidi in the “no” department, and so that’s the end of the line for Birdie.

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