America’s Got Talent Recap 6/30/15 – Audition 6 – Season 10

By on June 30, 2015
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If tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent is anything like the last few weeks, we’re in for quite a great show!


Check out last week’s recap here!

As always, host Nick Cannon will be joined by judges Mel B., Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, and Howie Mandel as AGT hopefuls show their talents for a chance to make it to the live shows and ultimately win $1 million!

And here we go!

Contestant: Enra
Talent: Synchronized Dancing
Performance Notes: This was another one of those dances that is choreographed with a light show that was gorgeous but… we see like, six of these each season.
The Results: The judges loved the act, and with four yeses – and some interpreting from their producer/translator – they’re off to the next round!

Contestant: Samantha Johnson
Talent: Singer
Performance Notes: Before she’s even sung a note Samantha gets my vote, since she’s from a town right by where I live. And when she does begin singing, it turns out I made a good decision – because she’s AMAZING!
The Results: Heidi said that Samantha has a gift, while Mel said that there’s no way someone could have NOT loved this performance. Howie said that she sang like “a super natural woman,” while Howard finished it off by saying that she did something exceptional and stood out from the group. And so – she’s off to the next round!

Contestant: Silvia Silvia
Talent: Danger Act
Performance Notes: This was an interesting performance. Silvia is basically an archer – but using high powered bows, and shooting at targets such as balloons, and boards, and her husband standing behind the balloons and boards.
The Results: Mel said it was shocking but great, while Heidi said she thinks they will go far in this competition. Howie kicked off the voting with a yes, and the other three judges followed suit.

Contestant: Heavenly Joy Jerkins (but her aunt calls her Hev)
Talent: Singer and Tap Dancer (… and cutest five year old on the PLANET!)
Performance Notes: Holy freaking moly. This girl is the tiiiiniest little thing – has more energy than anyone I’ve ever seen on the planet – and is going to absolutely take Broadway by storm one day. She is incredible.
The Results: Howard said he thinks Heavenly has Shirley Temple living inside her (which she then corrected him and said no, it’s Jesus), while Heidi said America is going to fall in love with her. Howie bet dollars to donuts America is already in love with her (and he’s right), and Mel said she thinks she’s adorable. Howard kicked off the vote with a yes, followed by a yes from Heidi, another from Howie, and a final affirmative from Mel.

Contestant: Daniel Sullivan
Talent: Acrobat
Performance Notes: His act is one of the small snippets they throw in between, and it looked pretty cool!
The Results: He’s off to the next round with four quick yeses.

Contestant: Six Pack
Talent: Power Lifter/Strongman
Performance Notes: He lifted THREE THOUSAND pounds…
The Results: He’s off to the next round!

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