Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Fly Economy With Their 6 Kids

By on June 9, 2015


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt shocked travelers when they showed up in the economy section of a flight. It is every traveler’s nightmare to see six kids get on a plane but not when they come with Angelina and Brad.

Proving they are just like any other family the Mr. and Mrs. Smith stars packed up their brood and flew out just like the regular peeps. They were traveling from LA to France with Nice reportedly being their final destination. It was on the second leg of the trip, from Paris to Nice that the famous duo showed up in the economy section of an Air France flight with their blended brood.

Angelina and Brad were seen loading their own carry-ons into the overhead compartments though if they were flying economy doesn’t that make sense that they didn’t have someone come on and load for them? The kids, all getting older, were carrying their own things as well before settling in for the short flight.

Angelina had been in the news after opening up abut having a hysterectomy in hopes of staving off ovarian cancer, the dreaded disease that took the lives of her beloved mother and an aunt. She wrote a piece that spoke eloquently about being in menopause and not being less of a woman.

The family has remained pretty low key since then though they recently celebrated her 40th birthday. Angelina was seen speaking at the United Nations for human rights. She has been an ambassador for many years often traveling to refugee camps in the most dangerous parts of the world while still managing to make movies, marry Brad Pitt and raise six children.

The couple were wearing their trademark black with sunglasses looking just like any other family on their way to France, instead of a family with private jets at their disposal or even a mother with a pilot’s license. Something tells me those kids were not kicking the seats in front of them or making the rest of the plane sorry to see six kids on board.

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