The Bachelorette With Kaitlyn 6/22/15 Week 6 – Find Out Who Kaitlyn Slept

By on June 22, 2015
'kaitlyn bristow the bachelorette 6.22.15'
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The moment we have all been waiting for on The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe since the beginning of the season when they showed the promos with Kaitlyn telling the men that things went too far with one of the bachelors.

'kaitlyn bristow the bachelorette 6.22.15'

All of the speculation that it was Nick Viall who she had sexual relations with will be confirmed (or will it be someone else?).

During tonight’s dramatic episode we will see the continuation of Ian slut shaming Kaitlyn telling her what he thinks of her. We will then have the rose ceremony where we will see the other two men who are eliminated from the show (check it out on the next page.) Kaitlyn is open about the fact that she needs to make sure the physical part of a relationship is there for her and is not going to defend kissing all the man.

Kaitlyn tells the men that Ian left and he called her shallow. She then continues by telling the men that she is very serious about her journey to find a husband. Kaitlyn tells the men that she is falling in love.

Following the rose ceremony the nine men will travel to Dublin, Ireland. A picture perfect day strolling through the streets of Dublin turns into a passionate night for the Bachelorette and Nick Viall, but will Kaitlyn’s actions have serious consequences when it comes to the other men? This is the episode where Kaitlyn has sex with one of the men. Who is the man she had sex with? Is it Nick Viall? Anyone else on the edge of their seat? After a romantic touchy date, where Kaitlyn and Nick can’t keep their hands off each other they then have a very romantic dinner. During dinner the couple just make out the entire time. Kaitlyn tells the camera that Nick makes her feel like a desired woman. The couple decides they aren’t going to end the date and they are going to finish their date back at Kaitlyn’s hotel room.

So what happens with Nick? They take their intense chemistry and move it into the bedroom where they consummate the relationship. Kaitlyn doesn’t feel guilty about the act, but more about the guilt of the other men and how they will feel about it. Kaitlyn is worried that the other men will find out about Nick and Kaitlyn. And Nick tells the guys that he went back to the hotel room and that is all he tells them for now. Nick is not happy when he finds out that Sean had some alone time with Kaitlyn also. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn continues to talk to herself on her balcony. He tells the men it was intimate and personal.

Keep reading to see what happens next when the men find out.

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