The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Recap 6/29/15 – Who Was Eliminated? The Final 6 Men

By on June 29, 2015
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The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe played out the most dramatic episode ever last week when we saw Kaitlyn and Nick give into their undeniable chemistry and have sex. Kaitlyn’s guilt is overwhelming and while she enjoyed the actual act of having sex, she is mad for not waiting until the fantasy suites. She realizes that by having sex with Nick, she has put her relationships at risk – especially her relationship with Shawn Booth.

'kaitlyn bristowe slut shaming'

When Shawn knocked on Kaitlyn’s door last week, he told her he needs to speak to her.  While he knows that Nick and Kaitlyn spent a lot of intimate alone time in her hotel room, just like he did with her, that is all he knows at this point. Kaitlyn is beyond nervous that he knows about her and Nick and isn’t sure what to expect from Shawn’s visit. And then the episode ended. Tonight we will find out what happens between Shawn and Kaitlyn. Will she tell him the truth?

What does tonight’s episode bring us? Shawn is jealous and is looking for something from Kaitlyn. He wants reassurance that she still has the same feelings for him and as much as he is falling for her, she feels the same way.  Kaitlyn tells him that she is falling in love with him. Shawn doesn’t know if he can continue. He tells her that he doesn’t know if he can do it.  Kaitlyn tells the camera that her feelings for Shawn are just overwhelming.

Kaitlyn keeps expressing her guilt for having sex with Nick. She feels like she is disappointing people. Kaitlyn rationalizes why she needs to explore all the opportunities.

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During this week’s episode we will see a dramatic two-on-one date featuring — Joe and JJ.  JJ confesses to the camera that he is his biggest enemy because he will be revealing something to her that is very big. The men go on a picnic with Kaitlyn where one man will be eliminated and one man will remain.  JJ just told Kaitlyn he has strong feelings for her right in front of Joe. Joe tells Kaitlyn he is falling in love with her during some one on one time.

JJ tells Kaitlyn that he cheated on his wife three years ago. He made a mistake that has destroyed his life. He lost his wife and his daughter half the time. He wanted to tell Kaitlyn because he wanted to be there for the long term. He wants to be upfront and honest.

Kaitlyn doesn’t give the rose to Joe or JJ but asks Joe to stay so she can get to know him better.

To find out who was eliminated go to the last page. (Some people don’t want to know.)

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