Can Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Save Marriage – or Will They Divorce?

By on June 17, 2015
'ben affleck and jennifer garner heading for divorce'

Can Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner save their marriage or is divorce on the horizon for the couple?

'ben affleck and jennifer garner heading for divorce'

We have been rooting for Ben and Jen from the beginning of their union 10 years ago. The couple, who have three children together, Violet, Seraphina and Sam, have been in the tabloids for the past several weeks with news their marriage is on the rocks. There has even been a dooms day of the end of June given for a bombshell divorce announcement.

Why is the couple reportedly having problems? Ben seems to be the major obstacle in the marriage. His gambling and drinking habits that once led him to a stay in rehab, are said to have still been a major factor in the downfall of their marriage. The alleged cheating accusations, with Affleck spotted out with another woman in Canada on Jennifer’s birthday is said to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. While the couple were rarely seen together in 2015, when news of their pending divorce surfaced, so did photos of happy family outings. Was that the couples way of saying don’t worry about us – we’re okay or was that their way of just placating the paparazzi until they are ready to make an announcement on their terms.

Only weeks away from their 10 year wedding anniversary the couple is reportedly in the middle of a marriage crisis according to Us Weekly.

While the couple have been the victims of rumors that the marriage is less than stable, this time may be different and the marriage may really be in trouble. The biggest problems for the couple is said to be Ben’s addicting personality – to both work and his other vices.

So what’s keeping the couple together? Their three children.

What do you think – with D-Day for the marriage right around the corner, will an announcement be made or will the couple work it out?

We will keep you posted as to how the couple is doing – so be sure to bookmark us.

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