Big Brother 17 Season Premiere Recap 6/24/15 – Part 1 Meet the 1st 8 Houseguests

By on June 24, 2015

Season 17 of Big Brother premieres with all new houseguests, and a number of twists. Julie begins the show by revealing this season is a season of twists, ‘expect the unexpected.’ On the premiere night there are three twists. There will be the fan favorite, a secret only the audience knows and the Big Brother Takeover twist.

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While Big Brother usually begins with 16 players, this season is broken into a two night premiere, so we meet eight of the houseguests. Austin, Audrey, Jace, Clay, Meg, James, Shelli, & Da’Vonne.

The first person to enter the house is Da’Vonne. The houseguests find their beds and then head in to the living room and grab some champagne to do their introductions.

The game playing begins right away with Audrey suggesting to Shelli and Da’Vonne that they should form a secret alliance. They decide to work on a name later, but Audrey is certain that she wants to have a female win this season.

Julie calls the eight houseguests to the living room to tell them about the 2 twists. Battle of the Block is back. That means there will be 4 nominees on the block and two head of households. The competition begins immediately with the first HoH comp tonight, but first Julie lets them know that one of the houseguests needs to sit out. Da’Vonne offers to sit out as long as they promise not to nominate her.

The HoH comp is a movie premiere theme where the houseguests have to catch flying tomatoes and stack them in a tube beside their platform. Meg, Austin, and Clay all fall down and are out right away.

James leads, but Audrey and Jace are catching up. Uh oh. All four remaining players just fell at the same time. Julie has to go to the tapes to find out who was the last to hit the ground. And the winner of the first HoH is James.

All the houseguests are called to the living room where Julie explains there will be a new twist every week.

The last twist of the evening is revealed as the “Twin Twist” where one of the Houseguests will swap in and out of the game with his or her twin. If they can go undetected for five eviction rounds then they’ll both play as individuals. Big Brother season 5 did the same thing.

Now to figure out who is a twin. Shelli has a fraternal twin and Liz has a twin, so it could be one of them.

Tomorrow night the second part of the two-night Big Brother premiere will take place with the other houseguests entering the house. We will also find out who has a twin.

What did you think of the season premiere of Big Brother?

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