Big Brother 2015 – 17 Spoilers Week 1 – Veto Winner and Drama in the House

By on June 27, 2015
'vanessa rousso big brother season 17'

Big Brother 17 is in its first week of game play and there are two Head of Household winners, four nominees on the block, a Battle of the Block challenge and a Veto Winner. Throw in some drama for good measure and it looks like it’s going to be a crazy season on Big Brother.

'vanessa rousso big brother season 17'

We have all of the spoilers from before the Veto ceremony on Big Brother Week 1 Here.

Summary of Week 1 activity:

Head of Household – James and Jason
Nominees for Eviction – Jackie, Steve, Becky and John
Battle of the Block Winners – Becky and John
Remaining Head of Household – James
Remaining Nominees for Eviction – Jackie and Steve

The veto competition took place with the players being James as HoH, Jackie and Steve as nominees and John, Jason, and Becky who were selected to play. The winner of the veto challenge is Steve. That means that Steve will take himself off the block. Who will replace Steve as the nominee?

Meanwhile there has already been drama in the house. Following the Power of Veto competition, Audrey spoke with Jeff and Clay, who informed her Liz and Austin were gunning for her by saying she was a trouble maker who was stirring things up after Da‚ÄôVonne told them she was. Audrey confronted Da’Vonne but there wasn’t any major drama between them – so we will have to wait and see if they had a blow out or Da’Vonne just denied it and Audrey moved on. Audrey wants to find out who is bad mouthing her.

Audrey and Clay have formed an alliance and so has Liz and Austin. The house wants to backdoor Jace and the plan seems to be in play throughout the week. Audrey and Clay have expanded their alliance and have included Shelli, as well.

Vanessa Ruosso had a breakdown on the show crying and gaining sympathy from the other houseguests. Rousso is missing her girlfriend of two years. The most she has been away from her has been four days since they have been together. Are the tears real? Or is it just a play for sympathy?

We will be following the house and the drama!!

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