Big Brother 2015 Season 17 – Spoilers Week 1 – HOH, Nominees, Battle of the Block

By on June 27, 2015
'big brother 17'

Big Brother Season 17 is back for the summer. With 16 new houseguests and the theme of the season being ‘expect the unexpected,’ the craziness has already begun. The first surprise for the 14 houseguests was the addition of two guests from The Amazing Race, Jackie and Jeff.

'big brother 17'

During the two night premiere of Big Brother, two Head of Households were crowned, James and Jason. Following the second premiere night the HOH winners had to nominate two people each.

Based on the live feeds, we saw that James nominated Amazing Race star Jackie and he also nominated, Steve while Jason put Becky and John up on the chopping block. During the Head of Household competition, Jackie and Jason were the last two houseguests remaining and Jackie cut a deal with Jason so that he would not put her up for eviction. Unfortunately, Jason isn’t the only person who can nominate someone for eviction, Jackie didn’t take into account that James can also nominate someone for eviction.

We have more drama and who won the PoV right here!!

The houseguests have already competed in the Battle Of the Block competition for Week 1. The Battle of the Block is the competition where the four nominees for eviction face off against each other and the winning team is safe from eviction, leaving only two people up for eviction. The HOH that nominated them is then no longer Head of Household. We saw Becky and John win the first Battle of the Block competition and are now safe from eviction, leaving Jackie and Steve up for eviction and Jason is no longer the Head of Household, leaving James as the HOH. There is still the Power of Veto competition to come so Jackie or Steve can save themselves.

Summary of this week’s activity:

Head of Household – James and Jason
Nominees for Eviction – Jackie, Steve, Becky and John
Battle of the Block Winners – Becky and John
Remaining Head of Household – James
Remaining Nominees for Eviction – Jackie and Steve

What are your thoughts on the first week of Big Brother? Do you think Jackie or Steve could win the POV? What houseguest do you think will be evicted this week?

We will keep you posted on everything that is going on in the Big Brother house – so stay tuned!!

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