Britney Spears Leaves Ex Charlie Ebersol Devastated

By on June 23, 2015


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Britney Spears can add heart-breaker to her resume after her split with Charlie Ebersol. The couple, who dated for less than a year, announced over the weekend that they had split. Before any tears on a pillow could dry, Spears, 33 ad already deleted many photos of her and Ebersol, 32 from her social media. His remained virtually untouched. To add insult to injury, Spears posted a pic on Instagram of her in a bikini on what appeared to be a boat with a new man. Now, People is reporting that Ebersol is over the moon with sadness after the split. When Spears appeared on the cover of People earlier this year, she had nothing for praise for boyfriend Charlie and looked like she finally had gotten her happy ending after being married twice (one ex is Kevin Federline) as well as long-term engagement.

That is not going to happen any time soon and Charlie is looking to the Lord for solace as he posted an Instagram video of him and his dog, with the caption: “We are nothing if we are not a collection of the scars, tattoos, and smiles of a life well lived. I wish for you today, that you find great joy in the joy you spark in others. If nothing else, I hope you’re happy just in knowing that you made me happy. It is never lost on me the love with which I have been blessed. For that, I aim to live up to Colossians 3:12.”

Britney has always been equally as religious but she has not made any comments regarding the break-up, other than the photo of her and the hot Louisiana guy as we mentioned before. When the couple was at their happiest, Spears said in her People Magazine spread that: “There was something about him that made me feel really peaceful and at ease. And he was really hot, too. Adorably hot.” Back to the source who spoke to the same magazine regarding the split, they had this to say about Charlie: “He really thought she could be the one. He is a very private, family guy and saw Britney fitting right in.” We truly hope that he finds his happiness.

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