Confirmed: Kim Kardashian Pregnant with Baby # 2 with Kanye West

By on June 1, 2015
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian'


Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her second child. In true Kardashian fashion, the reality star announced the news that she’s expecting her second child with Kanye West following the mid-season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She even teased the news before the show aired on Twitter saying,

Who is excited for tonight’s KUWTK finale?!?!?! There’s some exciting news to share so make sure you tune in!!!!!

In a teaser clip, Kim gets the news during a doctor’s appointment and shares the news with her sister Khloé Kardashian, saying

“I just got the blood test back, and I am pregnant!”

Kim has has made no secret of the fact that she has been trying to have a second child with Kanye West. This season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians as followed her journey and the difficulty she has had trying to conceive a sibling for her daughter, North West. Despite a rough first pregnancy, Kim and Kanye were all in on trying for the second baby with Kim saying on KUWTK,

“Trying for baby number two is just not fun like baby number one … I’m like, ‘I’m ovulating in five minutes! Get over here!’ ”

Kim went to great lengths to have a second baby. We are thrilled that all the ‘trying’ and her escapades with hubby, Kanye have given her the joy of being pregnant. We wrote about Kim being pregnant with her second child but couldn’t confirm it at the time, especially since the source OK Magazine, has had numerous pregnancy stories about celebrities that have proven to be very untrue. If the magazine wrote the truth, Kim and her sister, Kylie Jenner, would be pregnant at the same time.

Within minutes of the big announcement, people took to twitter to suggest baby names for the new baby, with most of the names being very similar. The tweets included:

Everybody get ready for a SOUTH EAST @KimKardashian and @kanyewest having a new seed.

South West is about to take over.

If you don’t name your new baby “South East” I will be disappointed

It looks like the name South has won by popular vote.

Congratulations to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the great news that they are expecting their second child.

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