So You Think You Can Dance Recap 6/8/15- Season 12, Ep. 2- Detroit Auditions

By on June 8, 2015
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“So You Think You Can Dance” is back for a twelfth season and this year, there are two teams: street versus stage. You can keep up with season twelve premiere of “So You Think You Can Dance” here.

soyouthinkyoucandance-400x259Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo have joined judge Nigel Lythgowe as they search for the best in dance. Last week, we headed down south for some amazing forms of dancing. One dancer actually got her entire young dance crew on stage to dance to a Jason Derulo song…and Jason joined in with them. There was also Courtney who has auditioned before but he has yet to go through. He has a fun style of dancing though the judges agree that maybe he is not meant for this particular show. They suggested that he do a work out video and a bunch of fans joined him on stage, along with Jason again, to work it out. Paula then claimed that she had fitness guru Richard Simmons on the phone and that he was willing to work with Courtney. If they put out a work out DVD, I am so on that. We also headed to the White House with the all-stars who joined Michelle Obama on stage to shimmy and shake.

Some people really thought they could dance and they just could not. But when those who mystified the judges were given a ticket to Las Vegas where they will continue to compete. In the end, either a street dancer or a stage dancer will become the winner…or this could be an epic fail. Or they could find a dancer with all the aspects that are needed to be both a stage and street dancer. Tonight, we hit Detroit for the second leg of the auditions and I am really curious as to what they will find. I think that this could be a great city for talent but then again, I have never been to Detroit; I am just remaining hopeful.

Keep reading to see how the teams form and how the dancers make out.

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