Was Diddy’s Son Victim of Coach’s Bullying Campaign?

By on June 26, 2015


p diddy

New details are coming out in the P Diddy assault case and, if true, they are casting the rap mogul in a more sympathetic light. P Diddy, was arrested under his real name, Sean Combs, after allegedly assaulting one of his son’s football coaches.

There has been talk that the UCLA coaches don’t want to press charges and that it was only after campus police reviewed the security footage that Diddy was arrested. Many sources are saying that there is no love lost between the coaches and Diddy but that pressing charges would not be in the best interests of the program.

Justin Combs, once a stand-out at Iona Prep was given a scholarship to play at UCLA. Now former UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel is saying on his Sirius XM radio show that the only reason Justin got the scholarship was because of who his famous father is. Calling it “doubtful” that Justin would have been awarded a scholarship, or even playing for UCLA, Neuheisel said, “there’s no question [being Diddy’s son] had something to do with it for me.”

There have been reports that Sal Alosi had it out for Justin because of who his father is. Neuheisel’s admission only fans the flames to any story regarding Alosi’s resentment of his player. TMZ reported exclusively that a picture of Justin sitting courtside at an NBA game with his dad and actor Ben Stiller. According to the gossip site, Alosi used the picture to humiliate Justin at practice back in February telling him, “you’re only here because of your dad.” The site claims Alosi waged a campaign of psychological warfare against Justin.

In other developments TMZ is saying they obtained a letter from a New York Jets chiropractor that had been sent to the Jets back in 2010. The letter raises more concerns about Alosi’s temper. The site claims that the letter warns the Jets that they need to get Alosi under control after a pattern of abuses and even claim the coach got into a fistfight with Darrelle Revis.

Alosi was fined $25,00 and suspended from the Jets back in 2010 for tripping Miami Dolphins player Nolan Carroll during a punt return. The Jets drew a $100,000 fine. After Diddy’s arrest, Carroll sent out a Tweet saying, “Someone told me @iamdiddy has my back,” followed by smiley emojis and a thumbs up.

Charges against Diddy are still pending though it looks more like the rapper had reason to be angry with Alosi. If the claims about Alosi are true it looks like he’s been regularly humiliating Justin over his famous father which is something UCLA should be taking seriously when bullying is such a huge issue. Coaches riding players is nothing new but humiliating players is not team building.

What do you think? Was Diddy overreacting or was Sal Alosi bullying his son, Justin? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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