Under the Dome Recap 6/25/15- Season 3 Premiere- Move On; But I’m Not

By on June 25, 2015
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“Under the Dome” is back for a third season and we will kick it off with a two-hour episode. So all of you fans that have been waiting for the show to return, you will get twice the excitement and fun. You can keep up with “Under the Dome” right here.

under the dome

When we ended season two, the Dome seemed to have two sides to it and there was access from the outside. That gave those stuck inside some semblance of hope that they might have a way to get out. In case you are unfamiliar with the show, the Dome took over and the people inside of it had to create their own way of life. Not so easy with no internet or the luxuries that we may take for granted on a daily basis. Pauline and Lyle both died at the end; Pauline from kissing Jim and Lyle from Jim killing him. The Dome was starting to close in on the residents over time, which was causing even more fear as to whether they would get out or survive within. Jim is desperate to bring Pauline back to life so he takes her to a room and basically says that he will do whatever he has to, good or bad, to get her back.

Rebecca has also been killed but apparently she was actually the one who killed off Pauline. Jim has to be reminded that killing others won’t bring his beloved back. Basically, Jim goes on a killing spree or an attempted one because he feels betrayed by the Dome and is still convinced this is the way to get Pauline to live again. Barbie is then put in charge and as they come face to face with this bubble that they are in, the residents find out that they have a chance to go home. But do they really?

Tonight, the┬áresidents of Chester’s Mill are appearing both inside and outside the Dome following their evacuation into the tunnels beneath the town. Meanwhile, the Dome begins to reveal its ultimate agenda and surprising alliances form as new residents emerge.

Keep reading to see if they will ever get out!

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