The Duggar Interview Was a FAIL – Filled With Excuses for Josh’s Molesting – No Apologies

By on June 4, 2015
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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar took a risky move when they sat down for an interview to ‘discuss’ their son Josh and the fact that he molested five girls, four of them their daughters and one a baby sitter. Unfortunately for the Duggars, the interview was a huge FAIL, with thousands of people blasting them on the internet.

michelle and jimbob


During the hour, on The Kelly Files, we saw two people not only defend their actions but those of their son. It was an hour of the Duggars saying things like “yes he touched them, but it was only for a second,” “he touched them but they didn’t know it” and “except for once, it was over their clothes.” Anyone else disgusted with the nonsense that spewed out of the Duggar’s mouths?

As was expected by most people, the interview did more harm than good. What could you possibly say to defend your actions or those of a child when discussing sexually deviant behavior?

What did we learn from the interview?

  • The Duggar parents found out that Josh touched his sisters inappropriately because Josh told them. AND they did VERY LITTLE to protect their daughters. He touched his sisters on
    three separate occasions before they took him out of the house. They made excuses for Josh saying, the incidents were above-the-clothes.
  • The Duggars revealed the girls were unaware that Josh touched them since they were sleeping at the time. It sounded like they were saying since the girls didn’t know they were being touched it wasn’t as bad as if they had known about it at the time.
  • The Duggars only took action when Josh touched a sister, who was only five-years-old at the time.
  • Michelle and Jim Bob don’t look at Josh as a molester. They viewed Josh as an underage “child preying on a child.”
  • The Duggar parents did not know that the police man who they brought Josh to confess his crimes was into child pornography. They actually blame the police man for speaking out about their son’s actions by saying since he is in jail for 56 years he only said something to perhaps get a plea deal of some kind.
  • Jim Bob and Michelle are not concerned over the fate of 19 Kids and Counting. They believe they will be able to enjoy their lives with or without the reality TV show.
  • Michelle believes the fact that the files were leaked is a worse crime than her son being a molester.
  • The Duggars believe that people are out to get them because of their family values.

It is more likely that people are out to get them for their actions or lack there of when discovering that their son was molesting their daughters. The fact that they continue to defend their son is beyond disgusting.

The two oldest sisters who were molested, Jessa and Jill, will be speaking out about their brother’s actions. They too are defending him. We will be covering the interview on Friday night!

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