Elizabeth Smart Welcomes Baby Girl!

By on June 1, 2015


Anyone who followed the Elizabeth Smart ordeal knows that it may be hard, if not impossible to live a normal life after being kidnapped. In 2002, Smart was a thirteen year old average girl who was soon abducted by a street preacher. After being held captive for nearly a year, forced to wear a disguise and endure the unthinkable, she was brought home safe and sound. It was a sigh of relief for everyone as no one knew if they would find her or her remains. The abductor was sentenced to life in prison while his accomplice received a fifteen year sentence. With much help and love, Elizabeth was able to move on and marry a man that she met while doing mission work, Matthew Gilmour; they have been married for three years.

Now, Elizabeth Smart’s father, who became a huge advocate for missing children, confirms that his daughter has given birth to a baby girl in February. After all the press that has surrounded her, it is no surprise that she would choose top keep this big news under wraps. But it was her dad, Ed who posted a photo on social media of him holding a baby girl that made people start to wonder though this is not his first grandchild. “Elizabeth is great. She just had a little baby girl about three months ago. Chloe. We’re just so excited,” Ed shared. “It is totally private. This is something she is keeping to herself and not trying to have out there,” the proud grandpa added. To think how far Elizabeth, 27 has come from the days where she was the missing teenager is amazing. She was able to find a partner while staying in the Mormon Church and now, she has her very own little girl, whom I am sure she will keep very close to her.

We cannot congratulate Elizabeth enough for her courage, strength and ability to carry on and we know that she will be a great mommy to little Chloe.

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