Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian and Many More Celebs React to Gay Marriage Being Legalized #LoveWins

By on June 26, 2015

With the legalization of Gay Marriage in the United States, people everywhere are celebrating – including our favorite celebrities. Kim Kardashian West, Dennis Leary, NeNe Leakes, Lady Gaga, Darren Criss, Demi Lovato are just a few of the many celebrities who took to Twitter to express their happiness about marriage equality for everyone!!

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Check out what our favorite celebs had to say about marriage equality and #lovewins below:

Kim Kardashian West
What an amazing day for equality!!!! Love always wins!!!! 🌈❤️💛💚💙💜🌈

Dennis Leary
About time. And love. And common sense. #LoveWins #LoveAlwaysWins

NeNe Leakes
Yesssss for the Gay Rights today! @derekjhair Loves a high heel hunni… #LoveWins

Lisa Vanderpump
Now there we have it,each and every one of us entitled to the same privilege of marriage,isn’t that what life is about.
Thank you..finally.

Chris Colfer
Looks like I’ll be going to a lot more weddings!!! #MarriageEquaility #TodayInHistory

Darren Criss
It’s truly a beautiful day! Hell yeah. Lots of reasons to go outside and celebrate for. #LoveWins

Demi Lovato
I couldn’t be more proud to be an American today… What an incredible day for equality!!!! #LoveWins 🌈💖🌈🎉🌈💖

Lady Gaga ‏
Popcorn for pride at work w/ @faspiras. He’s so happy, and I’m so happy he’s so happy. #lovewins

Debi Mazar
Yeah!!!Ill be attending a lot more fun weddings!!Finally a love revolution!

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