General Hospital Recap for 6/1/15 to 6/5/15

By on June 6, 2015
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This week on General Hospital…Anna leaves town; Luke proposes to Tracy; and Silas confronts Denise.

'general hospital recaps'

Anna sits in her hotel suite listening as Sloane explains how Nikolas helped him rig the mayoral election. She shakes her head in disbelief; Nikolas is the only good Cassadine. He is a dear friend of Robin’s. There is no way he would do this! Sloane insists it’s true. Anna goes to pour them drinks and laughs bitterly. She can’t believe how messed up life is. Sloane pulls a smarmy move and inches closer to her on the couch and kisses her. Surprisingly Anna kisses him back.

Downstairs in the Metro Court restaurant Nathan confronts his sister Nina. How could she get married to Ric? She barely knows him! Nina insists they have a connection, but Franco pops out from his listening place and teams up with Nathan to try to convince Nina to annul the marriage. Furious Nina stomps off, clearly hurt by Franco.

At Pentonville Ric announces to Madeline that his first move in helping her secure the family fortune was to marry Nina. And he intends to cut Madeline out! Furious Madeline declares Ric will not get away with this. Ric smirks as he thanks Madeline for the idea and suggests she get a new lawyer to help her. Buh-bye!

At the PCPD Delia arrives to announce that she is Denise’s mother. She explains how she had twins, but the orphanage separated them. While Ava had a rotten childhood, Denise was taken in by a wonderfully supportive family. Delia never mentioned this because she didn’t want to interfere with Denise’s’ life. She had learned years ago that Denise was okay and wanted her to live her happy life. Sonny remains suspicious as Kiki and Denise embrace. Denise happily announces she intends to stay in town to get to know her new family.

Rosalie calls Nikolas from the Quartermaine mansion to inform him that Michael gave her a briefcase of cash to buy Franco’s shares back from Nina. Or something like that. The whole plot is really confusing. The only thing you really need to know is that Tracy almost catches Rosalie, but they are interrupted by Lulu, who says Luke has been missing for two days. Apparently the doctors allowed him to check himself out. Rosalie sneaks out and heads to Wyndemere when Luke arrives. Luke explains he went to get a dragon tattoo on his arm, just like his father’s, which concerns Lulu and Tracy. Lulu leaves to give them some privacy. Alone Luke gets down on one knee and shows Tracy a ring box. Tracy scoffs; if he is trying to propose, he should stop because they are already married! Luke reminds Tracy about the annulment she filed when she believed she had married Faison wearing a Luke mask. Luke gives a heartfelt speech about how he doesn’t know how much time he has left on earth, but he wants to spend it with her. Emotional Tracy is about to say yes when someone walks in — her son, Dillon! Dillon is less than thrilled to see Luke and grills him about his intentions towards his mother. Luke swears he will do right by Tracy, calling her the finest woman he has ever known. (Sorry, Laura!) Dillon sees how earnest Luke is and turns to his mother. What does she think? Tracy accepts, but on the condition they have a long engagement and she can bolt at the first hint of him swindling her. Luke is so happy that he suggests they have a party—tonight at the Haunted Star!

Rosalie arrives at Wyndmere where Nikolas informs her that she will use his money to buy Franco’s shares and give the shares to him. Then she will return to Michael and say that Nina had refused to sell the shares. (Again, we are not sure how Nina has the shares. Did Franco give them to her?) Nikolas believes that when all is said and done, he will have control of ELQ. Or something like that.

Jordan stops by the PCPD where Dante tells her that Sloane has been fired. Mayor Lomac arrives and offers the job of commissioner to Jordan. Jordan insists that Lomac rehire Anna, but Lomac refuses. So Jordan takes the job. Yay for Port Charles’ first ever black woman commissioner!

Meanwhile the former commissioner and former, former commissioner wake up in bed together. Anna is disgusted with herself for sleeping with Sloane so soon after Duke’s death. Sloane doesn’t think last night was a mistake; he has had feelings for Anna for a quite some time. Upon hearing this Anna throws Sloane out of her suite.

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