George Clooney Takes Amal Home for Family Reunion

By on June 5, 2015
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George Clooney and wife Amal live a jet set lifestyle traveling to exotic places but took some time out to go to George’s family reunion in  Kentucky. They flew in for a quick visit having dinner at Caproni’s on the River  in Maysville where the Tomorrowland star and his wife enjoyed the festivities. The spirits were so high that they joined another celebration and helped sing Happy Birthday to a woman at another table.


While there George took Amal with him as they visited some of his old haunts. He also managed to squeeze some time in at the local high school impressing the local kids with his hoops skills. George, an avid Kentucky fan has managed to get his wife into the sport during the Final Four.

They made the rounds and were generally enjoying mixing in with the locals with one woman seeing them on the street shocked to see the heartthrob strolling along hand in hand with his wife. She stopped to take a picture of the couple amazed that they were on her regular path.

The couple also took some time to check out Cincinnati’s craft beer stopping at Urban Artifact Brewing located in an old church. Owner Dominic Marino told WCPO News that it was not the first time that George had visited.

Amal was teaching in NYC but while George was filming a movie there. With the semester over the couple plan on moving to London. They bought a  17th century manor called The Mill House right on the Thames River though the couple does not seem to set up house anywhere too long.

George has long sets hearts aflutter enjoying long-term serial relationships always swearing off of marriage. That is until he met Amal, someone he described as the best person he knows. She stopped the silver haired actor in his tracks. Not only does she have a high-powered career of her own, out of the entertainment industry, but George is impressed with her incredible fashion sense.

For now the couple will enjoy their time in London, but for how long, nobody knows. 

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