Hot In Cleveland Recap 6/3/15- Series Finale

By on June 3, 2015
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“Hot In Cleveland” will take its final bow tonight on TVLand after five years and six seasons. This has been one of those shows that really redefined getting older for women while allowing them to laugh at themselves. It did not hurt that Betty White was one of the stars.


It all started when Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) wrote a book of all these things that women should do before they die. One of them was fly to Paris with your best girlfriends. Enter Joy (Jane Leeves) whom is an LA eyebrow specialist (she lists Oprah as one of her clients) and soap actress Victoria (Wendie Malick). They take this trip upon Melanie filing for divorce from her husband but the plane crashes and instead of Paris, the eager to be young women land in Cleveland of all places. They soon learn that they can just be themselves, age gracefully and still be appreciated. Melanie decides to lease a home where she learns that Elka (Betty White) is the caretaker. She is also wanted by the cops and heavy pot smoker.

The four of them find themselves in the craziest predicaments. Melanie sleeps with all the wrong guys; Victoria wins an Oscar and marries her sixth husband, a superstar, only to find out he’s a criminal; Joy marries Victoria after a drunken bachelorette party and Elka becomes the Mayor. She also gets arrested and she and Victoria become Amish while Joy shoots the son that she gave up for adoption in the leg the first time she meets him. They give the local ladies make-overs, a few go back to college, Victoria bonds with her three children, though she thinks she has two…it’s all very charming and delightful. Guest stars have included Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Burnett, Joe Jonas, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Carl Reiner, Alex Trebek, Craig Ferguson and so many more delicious people.

Tonight, the show will say good-bye and it is so bittersweet. They know when to end it yet losing these four women I have grown to love will not be easy.

Keep watching to see how it all ends.

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