Jennifer Lawrence Has a Hot New Bodyguard

By on June 12, 2015
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'Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend'

Jennifer Lawrence has a hot new bodyguard. The hot bodyguard has been caught in paparazzi shots carrying her bags and even carrying her adorable little doggie, Pippa.

The American Hustle  actress has been spotted around New York City with some cutie causing tongues to wag, and no, not just that adorable pooch. She has been escorted around by a muscular creature who is not only easy on the eyes but is  carrying her bags and her little dog too. Who is this gorgeous guy that Jennifer Lawrence seems to be following all over NYC. Is love in the air?

Nope. Coldplay’s Chris Martin has nothing to fear. He’s not a new love interest.  He is her new bodyguard, or one that is just being noticed, and he is being noticed by a lot of people.

Social media has exploded with fans needing some cooling off after seeing pics of the hot new guy escorting J Law around town. They took to Twitter to express a desire to have their own cute bodyguard Tweeting things like, “um, why isn’t Jennifer Lawrence dating her body guard?” Others are describing him as “yum” and some proclaiming him the “dream boyfriend.” How long before he has his own hashtag?

The bodyguard has been getting plenty of attention with even the tabloids getting in on it, telling readers to stop what they’re doing to look at the pictures.

Is it only a matter of time before we see a torrid remake of The Bodyguard starring Jennifer Lawrence and her real life muscle man?

Forget winning Oscars and starring in successful movies. Apparently having a smoking hot bodyguard is the claim to fame. At least that’s what Jennifer Lawrence’s fans seem to be all about today. What do you think about her bodyguard. Is he hot or just meh?

You can see the photos of the super hot bodyguard here!  Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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