Jimmy Fallon Gets Hand Surgery Following Accident – Alcohol to Blame?

By on June 26, 2015
'jimmy fallon injured'

Jimmy Fallon is in the hospital with an injury to his hand. An incident occurred last night in New York City following the taping of The Tonight Show with Mark Wahlberg.

'jimmy fallon injured'

Following the taping of The Tonight Show, Jimmy had dinner at Upper East Side restaurant Scalinatella, posing for photos with fans, while smiling away. The late night talk show looked happy and content in the photos. According to TMZ, Fallon reportedly left the restaurant at around 9 or so and went home.

According to Fallon’s rep, the injury to his left hand happened early this morning in his apartment. Following the injury, he went to the hospital where a specialist recommended he have surgery immediately.

The Tonight Show tweeted a message from @Fallontonight saying,

Hey guys – unfortunately tonight’s taping has been cancelled due to Jimmy injuring his hand. He’s totally fine but we’ll be airing a repeat.

Have U Heard ran a blind item last year saying:

“We’re talking about a fortyish married guy with a young baby, going out every night after work, getting drunk off his ass until two or three in the morning, picking up girls who are half his age, and then spending the night with them at their place or a hotel!
And here’s the really funny part: The next day he goes back to work and gushes about how much he loves his wife and baby, and prompting the audience to marvel over what a great husband and father he is!”

Read the blind item here!

At the time most of the guesses to the blind item were Jimmy Fallon, but there was never any confirmation or proof. We wouldn’t expect there to be any confirmation though, because who on earth would admit they go out drinking instead of home to their family.

We are sure Jimmy will fill his audience in as soon as he returns to work. His publicists will be working overtime this weekend to ensure that they come up with a good, believable story unlike other celebrities who have had similar accidents. Remember – Zach Efron and his many accidents that were quickly followed by a stint in rehab?

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