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Megyn Kelly’s big interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar took place this past Wednesday night on Kelly’s The Kelly File on Fox. Kelly initially spoke about her reputations as a journalist who is “tough but fair,” but the tough journalist never showed up that night. She gave the Duggars a platform to defend son Josh despite his admission that he molested five young girls, some his own sisters.

The parents from the hit TLC show 19 Kids and Counting were more outraged that the reports were released. Kelly confirmed that the records were released legally but didn’t seem to have that information while interviewing the Duggars nor did she challenge their assertions that their daughters were more victimized by the news being out than by the actual molestation itself.

Kelly also never questioned Jim Bob’s declaration that he wants to become an advocate for juvenile records to protect juveniles. Not even an eye roll that he would be more concerned with protecting those accused of crimes such as forcible fondling than becoming an advocate for those who were forcibly fondled, some who happened to be his daughters.

The Duggars also spoke of safeguards after Josh’s confession, things like not allowing boys to babysit and to letting the girls play hide and seek with boys. Kelly did not challenge the Duggar’s on those safeguards or point out that Josh didn’t molest his sisters while babysitting or playing hide and seek. The only one he seemed to have molested while the parents were out was the actual babysitter, a girl.

Jim Bob also made claims that the girls were not aware of the incidents despite some happening while they were awake. For those he said that the touching only happened for a few seconds. Does that make it ok Jim Bob? Why didn’t Megyn Kelly ask even that?

Kelly sat down with Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, Josh’s sisters, who are opening up about being his victims. They are also upset at the beating Josh is taking in the media and are defending their brother against labels like pedophile, child molester, and even rapist. The girls, like their parents, seem more upset that the reports were released with Jill saying, “We are victims. They can’t do this to us.”

Megyn Kelly allowed josh to be painted as the victim by his parents. Will she do the same tonight with two of his actual victims sitting in front of her? She spoke of trying to be sensitive saying that it was her understanding that the victims did not want details released but she went from being sensitive to just rolling over for the Duggar family.

Tune in tonight to watch Jill and Jessa give their version of events, or their version of making Josh the victim, on Fox at 9 p.m and then come back here for a recap and to let us know what you thought at Haveuheard.



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Megyn Kelly hosted part two of her interview with the Duggars. First she sat down with 19 Kids and Counting parents, Jim Bob and Michelle for an interview. Next she sat down with Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald which aired tonight on Fox News.

Jessa and Jill came forward voluntarily after what they felt were unfair categorizations of their family. Saying that this wouldn’t have been their choice to come forward they felt they had no choice.

Both girls echoed their parents’ feeling that the media coverage has been the worst part of all of this. Claiming that releasing the police reports was illegal, Jessa showed a surprising strength and even seemed to have been coached by a good PR coach when she threw out the Freedom of Information act and switched off from sweet innocent young bride to someone comfortable  with legal terminology when she declared, “You can’t FOIA juvenile cases. Everyone knows that.”

Jill blasted the media claiming, “they’re used to exploiting women,” calling one, “a major porn provider,” charging that, “they’re used to making objects out of women.”

The interview seemed light on Josh or at least Josh’s guilt. Jill called what he did, “very wrong. I’m not going to justify anything he did,” before adding, “I do want to speak up in his defense.”

Their description of his acts seemed almost normal saying, “I can set the record straight here. In Josh’s case he was a young boy in puberty and a little too curious about girls.”

While it is understandable that Kelly would be gentle with the sisters, as Josh’s victims, she challenged nothing, again. Calling an admitted molester’s actions the same as normal pubescent curiosity went too far and Kelly should have questioned that.

The girls spoke about going through a DHS investigation and their parents encouraging them to be completely honest while claiming that the result of the investigation showed that their parents did a very good job and declaring the house a safe place for children.

Jessa showed her savvy side again when she spoke of going to counseling adding, “licensed,” as part of her language.

Another odd moment was when Jill broke down while talking about the media releasing the police reports. Jessa watched Jill cry but never made any motion to touch her or comfort her. Often during the interview, Jessa took the lead, even interrupting Jill when she spoke.

There were really no new revelations in this interview. The sisters mimicked much of what their parents said. In their version, they do call themselves victims quite often but there still seems to be another victim in this, according to them, and that is their brother Josh who according to them, “has been humbled before God, before us.”

Swearing that after being sent away, he came home a changed man and know he will never do anything like this again.

Like their parents, Jill and Jessa reserved their anger for the media claiming that they “were helpless again,” and that it was people using it, “for their own profit.”

When asked by Kelly to exclude today and tell her what was the worst part of what happened with Josh, Jessa replied, “I don’t think we can exclude today,” calling the media sensation, “a re-victimization,” saying, “every step was kind of like difficult to walk through,” again claiming the past few weeks, “have been 1000 times worse.”

Jill agreed also calling it, “a re-victimization,” because, “this was already dealt with.” She added, “statistics say 2/3’s of families deal with something like this, and that’s only the ones reporting it.” She expressed a fear that other victims would be less likely to come forward due to fears that their stories would also be released.

Jessa doesn’t believe that those driving this story have the victims in mind and believes that it is people that don’t like her family, “would be the ones to really spread this around and maliciously do so and slanderously do so.”

Jill also described the difficulty of seeing their faces on magazines and called the stories, “distorted.” She talked about the hit show and thinks viewers “feel like they’re in our homes every Tuesday night,” before adding, “but we don’t know you.” She doesn’t seem to understand the conflict but she does credit God saying, “God has allowed our family to be on television.”

When asked about the future of the show and whether or not they can ride out this storm with TLC, Jessa responded with, “We are not a tv family. We are just a family that happened to be on tv.”

Well girls, when you do a reality show your face ends up on magazines. They also defended Josh’s crusade against the LGBT community saying that there is nothing wrong with stating your beliefs just because you did something stupid.

Megyn Kelly let that one go too. Josh Duggar molested five girls, that we know of. While they may want to make a case that their identities should never have been revealed, Josh is not the victim here. Megyn Kelly should have made that clear.





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  1. Carol gerber

    August 4, 2015 at 1:54 pm

    Kristin your dislike for the Duggars was evident in this piece. I bet your a liberal that thinks hacking babies up for their parts is a great idea but they should have hung a 14 year old for his sin.

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