“Khloe and Lamar” Star Confirmed Dead; Khloe Tweets Sadness!

By on June 15, 2015


“Khloe and Lamar,” the hit spin-off from “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” has suffered a huge blow this weekend. Obviously, Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are estranged, though the previews for KUWTK beg to differ, but a death has brought them together. Odom’s longtime best friend Jamie Sangouthai has passed away, presumably from a heroin overdose. You may remember him as the one in charge of Lamar’s clothing company “Rich Soil” but then he ended up slacking. It seemed as though he was using Lamar to help him but that appeared to be the kind of guy the basketball player was. Jamie was just thirty-seven years old when he died over the weekend and Khloe confirmed it on Twitter Sunday afternoon: “When does it stop? RIP Jamie Sangouthai.”


Jamie Sangouthai

Close friend of Khloe’s, Malik Haqq echoed the sadness on Instagram by saying: “Thru good and bad times life shows us every spirit matters and leaves a print on the hearts of others after they have passed. RIP Jamie Sangouthai #GodHelpUsAll.” We know that Lamar has been battling addiction which was one of the reasons that caused his split from Khloe but I cannot help but wonder if this passing will help him or hurt him. Though it seemed like Lamar’s bestie was always around, Khloe had started working out with Jamie and they had developed a bond. Lamar and Jamie had known each other since high school in New York and Jamie was in the televised wedding of Khloe and Lamar that was thrown together in nine days.

My thinking is that this could potentially bring the couple back together as they mourn this loss but then again, what do I know? Khloe has been noted as feeling sad that she has lost all the men in her life that she loved, including stepfather Bruce Jenner who recently transitioned to Caitlyn Jenner. We have not heard from anyone else in the Kardashian clan and it is said that Jamie all but disappeared from social media about three months ago. We will keep you posted if more information comes in but for now, out thoughts and prayers go out to all who loved and knew him.

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