Kim Kardashian Shoots Down Pregnancy Rumors – She’s Not Having a Boy!

By on June 10, 2015



Kim Latex


Kim Kardashian has taken to Twitter to shoot down some of the pregnancy rumors that have popped up. No. She’s not having a boy. At least not that she’s told anyone yet.

Despite “well placed sources” claiming Kim and husband Kanye West have been privately sharing news that North is going to have a little brother, Kim sent out a  Tweet squashing the baby talk:

Kim Rumors

So she isn’t exactly saying she’s not having a boy but she is saying she hasn’t told anyone yet. That is if she even knows yet. Another rumor that has plagued the reality star is that she is carrying twins, a rumor that often follows pregnant celebs, most likely due to the use of infertility drugs and even in vitro. Kim has documented her use of fertility specialists leading many to wonder if multiples are in her future.

Kim has often taken to social media to set the record straight with her fans while also using various forums to break her own news. She recently went on a Twitter rant that she claimed was not a rant, after hearing that talk show host Wendy Williams was reporting that she was using a surrogate and wearing a prosthetic belly. That was when she had enough and blasted the rumors and called those spreading them “lame.”

Reportedly due in September, Kim has plenty of time to fend off rumors regarding the sex, names, and all of the stories sure to pop up tracking her cravings.

For now, she is not having twins, has not told anyone the sex, and has gone on the record as having bad morning sickness that lasts all day and all night. She has also gone where most pregnant women don’t dare to go – totally rocking a latex dress. She told her fans:

Kim Confirm


Does that mean she’ll be announcing the sex on Twitter? Instagram? Are Kim and Kanye having a boy? Will North be the big sister to twins? Tell  us what you think here at Haveuheard.

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