Was Kim Richards Fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

By on June 3, 2015
'kim richards drunk at daughter's wedding'


Kim Richards will not be back for season six of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills according to some reports. While Bravo has not made any comment on the reports some sources have said expect a possible cameo or guest appearance, but Kim will not be returning as a regular cast member.

Kim’s struggle with alcohol has been well documented and it was this past season that it all came to a head again. Despite claiming she had been sober for three years, she took a pill given to her by ex-husband Monty, and was acting in a bizarre fashion at a poker night at fellow Housewife Eileen Davidson’s house. Her behavior in the care on the way over caused great concern for fellow cast member Lisa Rinna leading to a storyline that lasted most of the season.

The ladies fought frequently over Kim’s issues with Kim getting angry about their involvement while claiming she was sober. The Housewives went to Amsterdam where the situation exploded and Rinna angrily broke a wine glass and reached across the table for Kim. She later expressed remorse for getting so out of control though excused the incident saying she was protecting her family after Kim implied that Rinna’s husband, actor Harry Hamlin, had cheated on her.

Later on the finale the ladies seemed to be divided in teams with most being against Kim and her fellow Housewife Brandi Glanville. Sister Kyle Richards was devastated after being told that Kim was not going to invite her to Brooke’s wedding. Kim expressed anger at Kyle for posting a picture on Instagram after Kim’s pitbull attacked one of Kyle’s daughters requiring surgery.

Following the finale, Kim was arrested at the Polo Lounge after police were called claiming she was behaving belligerently. She kicked an officer after being forced out of a bathroom and was arrested. Kim went on Dr. Phil with her kids and stormed off the set after believing it was an intervention. She refused his offer to pay for rehab but ultimately checked into a facility on her own.

Kim left the facility for her daughter’s wedding and despite initial reports that the day went well, including reports that Kim and Kyle even put their differences aside for the day, other reports came out that Kim was out of control and on something. Sources say she cursed out the groom’s family and that her sober coach quit on the spot. She later disappeared with people unable to find her.

Some reports have sister Kyle along with husband Mauricio locating her and forcing her back to rehab though their help will be ending there. Kyle spoke of the difficulty of the situation on the show and the toll it has taken on her. It seems that she is now going to take a tough love approach.

Kim is supposedly back in rehab though it seems that most of her family is cutting her off. It looks like Bravo will be cutting her off as well if reports are true that they have fired her from the popular series.

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