Late Diem Brown Honored on 35th Birthday!

By on June 12, 2015

CT and Diem

CT and Diem

Just because you pass does not mean that people will ever stop thinking about you. Such is the case with MTV personality Diem Brown, who passed away November 14th of last year after a bout with cancer. This was not her first round and though she was a fighter until the end, her little body just could not take it anymore. She actually got sick then passed out on the set of “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2” where she was playing with on and off love CT. The two were flown to New York and within a few months, Diem had lost her battle. It was later revealed that, even though she claimed to be 32, the beloved Diem was actually 34 when she died. Reason for the false age: it was said that she had felt that cancer had taken some of her life so she decided to take a few years off.

Nothing wrong with that but it seemed that fans were shocked and surprised by the age switch, not that 34 is really much different from 32. Today, her loved ones were alerted via Facebook that it was her birthday and in truth, they celebrated her as a thirty-five year old fighter and warrior. Best friend Alicia Quarles took to social media to say this: “Happy birthday my beautiful, beloved @DiemBrown. You were one of my bridesmaids when I recited these words as my wedding vows. Now I dedicate them to you, my sister, soulmate, best friend and true love.” She followed up these sweet words with the lyrics from “I Carry Your Heart” by E.E. Cummings as well as a photo of the two.

Former cast mate and friend Paula Beckert also shared memories of Diem, again with a photo and these kind words: “Today is @DiemBrown birthday and this is how I will remember her…taking every ounce of life to the extreme. Whether it’s a costume party, a dance party or no party, Diem celebrated with every breath. I miss my friend. But today is for smiles, hair whips and splits. I know she is in heaven, watching over us, bringing her spirit to us when we need it most, and just making sure we are doing OK. Well Diem, we are OK, but dammit life was just a lot more fun with you here.” Fans are encouraged to make a donation to MedGift, which is a charity Diem started. We know that she is shining down on everyone who loved her from heaven with the smile that only she could bring!

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