Married at First Sight Season 2 – 6 Months Later Spoilers – Are the Couples Together?

By on June 14, 2015
'jaclyn and ryan divorced'

Married at First Sight Season 2 finale left two out of the three couples together – but it was only six weeks into the marriage. It has been six months and the couples will be reuniting to fill us in on where their relationships stand. Are Jaclyn and Ryan still married and what about Ryan and Jessica? The couple had a volatile relationship from the first days of their marriage – are they married or have they gone their separate ways?

'jaclyn and ryan divorced'

We have the inside scoop but consider yourself warned….there are spoilers ahead.

Let’s start out with Ryan and Jessica? Ryan and Jessica had a lot of problems with their relationship. Their was Ryan, who was a bit of a bully and Jessica, who seemed more like a victim than a wife. She came off as someone who was a doormat and didn’t know how to communicate.  At the six week mark, the couple decided to stay together.  This weekend, June 12th, the s**t hit the fan with this relationship – it seems that Jessica filed legal papers. The jury is still out, but the papers are reportedly a restraining order or divorce papers. We have the complete story with all the details as to what is going on with Jessica and Ryan here.

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As for Jaclyn and Ryan? Are they still married or have the couple decided to divorce? The couple also have had issues since the beginning. First Jaclyn wasn’t attracted to Ryan and put him in the friend zone and then when she finally gave into her feelings and wanted a real marriage, Ryan and Jaclyn had sexual relations and things went south. Ryan got cold feet and ended up pushing Jaclyn away. The couple decided to try and work on their relationship but we have since found out that they are no longer together. Based on their Facebook accounts, neither of them are ‘friends’ anymore and Ryan isn’t ‘friends’ with Jaclyn’s family anymore either.  There have also been multiple photos of Jaclyn without her wedding ring.

In addition, there have been reports that Ryan may have cheated on Jaclyn with an ex-girlfriend. He has denied the allegations but the rumors are out there.

No reason has been stated for the couple no longer being together, but since the couple have unfriended each other on Facebook, it’s safe to say it is more than ‘it just wasn’t working.’

What do you think about the fact that none of the couples made it for the long haul on Married at First Sight Season 2? Last season two out of the three couples stayed together and are still together more than a year later – season 2 and we have 0 out of 3. What went wrong this season? Will you keep watching the show?


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