Married At First Sight Recap 6/2/15- Last Chance for Romance

By on June 2, 2015
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“Married At First Sight” is coming down to the wire for this season and with one week left, the three couples must decide if they will stay together or get a divorce. You can keep up with “Married At First Sight” right here. 


So we have Davina and Sean who seem to just not be clicking on any level; Jaclyn and Ryan are learning how to accomodate one another and Jessica and Ryan are starting to see that they could be good together. I feel like Davina and Sean have yet to be intimate or yet to admit it because then, technically, they could file for an annulment based on the unconsummated marriage. The other couples have crossed that line already so they would have to get a divorce no matter what. Davina and Ryan will not be having sex until she feels that she is in love with him but I think that it is about time that they either call it friends or call it quits and allow one another to find happiness elsewhere. They do have a mutual hobby: puzzles but do they fit?

Jessica and Ryan decide that they need to buy something for their home together so they purchase a mattress. It’s something comfortable and could keep them close for the time being. Jaclyn has now tried to become domestic by “cooking” for Ryan and he is hoping that they can continue growing deeper in their once strained relationship. They then have sociology sessions and I am telling you, Davina and Sean could be the most boring people on Earth. They are compatable possiby on paper but in reality, she seems like she could care less. So why did she sign up for this social experiment again?? But Jaclyn may have overstepped some boundaries when she had some girl talk with Ryan’s young niece.

Tonight, the couple’s have one more week to work on their marriage before they have to make the final decision as to whether or not they will remain married.

Keep reading to see what happens as the season starts to come to a close.

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