Married at First Sight Season 2 Reunion Recap 6/16/15

By on June 16, 2015
'married at first sight'

Married at First Sight Season 2 has been nothing short of explosive. Three couples, Jessica and Ryan, Jaclyn and Ryan and Davina and Sean met at the alter for the first time and got married. After six weeks, the couples were left with the decision as to whether they should stay married or get a divorce.

'married at first sight season 2'

Sean and Davina were the only couple who decided to call it quits. Fast forward six months and allegations of cheating, drug use and a restraining order is what we have remaining of the two couples – Jaclyn and Ryan and Ryan and Jessica.

The restraining order was filed in court by Jessica Castro. She and Ryan had a bumpy beginning but decided that they were compatible and the two of them would make a go of it. Unfortunately, things did not work out between the two and Ryan throatened to kill Jessica, her father and her family. There have been allegations against Ryan regarding his claims that he is an ‘entrepreneur,’ saying he sells mobile phones. There have also been accusations that he is addicted to drugs. There is no proof of the drug claims.

During tonight’s episode of Married at First Sight, Ryan is the man we saw walking out during the promos.

As for Jaclyn and Ryan – their relationship is said to be over, as well. Ryan R. has been accused of cheating on Jaclyn, which he denied on Facebook. There are rumors that Ryan also had never spent a night with Jaclyn in their apartment and really stayed over at his mother’s place.

Hopefully we will find out all the details on what is really going on with the couples during the reunion.

First up is Sean. Sean was promoted at work and is back in New Jersey. He said it has been tough and it has fallen on his shoulders. He let anxiety and stress take over his responses. The couple spent more time apart than together. He shut down. When Davina told Sean she was not going to be his caretaker, that was it for Sean. Davina couldn’t deal with Sean’s anxiety and emotional weakness. Sean never meant to hurt Davina.

Davina is up next. How does she feel about Sean today? She says she wishes him the best but she doesn’t know who he was. She didn’t think he was genuine. She doesn’t believe he knew what he wanted. She calls Sean a liar.

The professionals question Davina and the fact that Sean should have known what her needs were from day one? They also ask her what her responsibility was in the relationship? Davina is being questioned as to where she was accountable in the relationship? Davina refuses to take responsibility and the experts are blaming her.

Keep reading to see what happens <!–nextpage—>

Davina and Sean finally see each other for the first time since the experiment ended. Sean apologizes to her. Davina laughs and says to him she doesn’t know who he is. Sean tells Davina that her toughness made him run away. Sean admits he saw Doug Hehner’s marriage to Jamie work out and he really thought it would work out.

Davina thinks she still knows what she wants and needs and tried to ask for it but it just wasn’t there. The timing of Sean’s anxiety was when Davina needed him the most. Davina didn’t feel an investment from Sean. The couple ended up being in the apartment together only 10/42 days. The expert says the experiment didn’t fail, Davina and Sean failed the experiment.

Initially the two of them wanted to have sex. But they never did consummate the relationship.

Davina tells Sean that she hopes that all the desires of his heart are met. And Sean apologizes again.

Jessica Castro is up. Jessica speaks about her relationship with Ryan. She thought the next few months they would get to know and understand each other. After the experiment, they spent time apart. He needed time away from her. Ryan told Jessica that he was busy on Valentine’s Day. Jessica found a Valentine’s Day card in his apartment. They agreed to go their separate ways. They haven’t spoken in two weeks and haven’t seen each other.

Jessica watched the show with her parents and they were devastated at how Ryan treated her. Jessica says she is happy she did the experiment. She admits her communication skills were something she needed to work on. Jessica feels empowered by the experience and she isn’t afraid to speak about how she feels.

Ryan is interviewed. He said he planned on staying married. When asked how he felt about Jessica? He said, she was a good girl. He admits he didn’t act the way he should have. He did damage to his family and the image because of his actions wasn’t good. He wants to apologize to Jessica and he is sorry for acting like that. That image he showed, “the angry husband” wasn’t always like that but Ryan blames Jessica because she couldn’t communicate with him. He did say his actions weren’t justified.

The couple sees each other for the first time in two weeks. Ryan apologizes. Jessica doesn’t believe Ryan is sincere. Ryan said his grandmother’s unveiling and Jess didn’t reach out to him. He was called out on that one because he should have called her to let her know his grandmother passed away. Your wife shouldn’t have to read it on social media.

Ryan admits he wasn’t the best he could have been and is disgusted by what he sees when he watches tv. Ryan accuses Jessica of being an actress. The professionals assure Ryan that she is authentic and all in. He claims he liked Jessica. Jessica then accuses him of cheating on her.

And with that – the first part of the reunion ends. Keep reading to see what happened with the couple.

Ryan denies cheating on her. She went to his apartment and broke his watch. <!–nextpage—>

The topic of the $100 that Ryan took from their wedding money comes up. Ryan denies taking the $100. Jessica accused him of being a gambler and handed him a $100 in the interview and Ryan walked out on the interview!

Jessica is ready to move on – without Ryan.

Jaclyn and Ryan

Ryan is up first. Are he and Jaclyn still together? Ryan says the distance has been difficult and they are going to do whatever it takes to make it work.

Jaclyn said things are going well. Jaclyn spoke about their wedding day and how she didn’t have the spark for her husband when she first saw him. She said she really loves his personality and the fact he can talk to anyone.

Are they still together? NO.

Ryan thought there might have been a chance between the two of them. Ryan admits he didn’t put enough effort into it and says he may not have been 100% ready for marriage. He apologizes to Jaclyn for letting her down, quite a few times. Ryan admits Jaclyn came further than he did. Jaclyn told him she was hurt so bad by him.

Jaclyn admits she misses Ryan’s mother and niece.

The couple seem friendly and Jaclyn is truly a class act. While she tells the experts Ryan has hurt her, she isn’t mad and hasn’t acted out, she instead remains her friendly self. The experts practically beg the couple to give their relationship another chance.  Jaclyn agrees to give Ryan another chance but will he really try and put all his effort into the relationship?

All of the couples are brought out together. Ryan returns and he and Jessica even share an awkward hug. So why the restraining order? We will keep you posted as to the relationships and what is going on with the cast members. Bookmark Have U Heard so you can come back.


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