Married at First Sight Season 2 – Stay Married or Divorce for Davina and Sean, Ryan and Jessica, Ryan and Jaclyn

By on June 6, 2015
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The second season of Married at First Sight is coming to an end. The three couples; Davina and Sean, Ryan and Jessica and Ryan and Jaclyn are faced with a huge decision. Do they stay married to the people they Married at First Sight? Or do they agree to go their separate ways and get a divorce?

'married at first sight'
Each of the three couples have had a rough time at some point throughout their six week relationship – what will they decide? While we won’t know for sure until Tuesday when we see the season finale, we will take a look at each of the couples and let you know our thoughts as to whether they decided to stay together or get divorced. Last season, two of the three couples ended up staying married – Jamie and Doug and Courtney and Jason stayed married. Jamie and Doug had a very rough start much like Jaclyn and Ryan. Jamie did not feel attracted to Doug when she first saw him at the altar and kept him at arms length for quite some time before giving him a chance and falling in love with him. They remain together and are very happy. Jamie is eager to have children, while Doug wants to wait a bit. Jason and Courtney have had a harder time with their marriage, as Jason has been training quite a bit with his job. The couple remains together.

Now for the couples from Married at First Sight Season 2:

Jaclyn and Ryan:
Jaclyn and Ryan began with a bit of a bumpy start with Jaclyn immediately putting Ryan in the friend zone – calling him buddy and other things friends do. When Jaclyn finally opened up to Ryan and gave him a chance, she fell for her husband. The couple consummated their relationship and that’s when things went south. Ryan immediately distanced himself from her. He was torn between his new wife and his mother and niece who he was living with and helping to take care of. His mother and niece live in Stonybrook, Long Island about an hour away from where he and Jaclyn live in Staten Island. The couple did end up reconnecting and giving their relationship another chance. On the previous episode where the couple had to share a romantic date, they went ballroom dancing where Jaclyn finally learns to let go a bit and give Ryan some control. They exchange gifts and Ryan gives Jaclyn perfume while she gave him a bottle opener and banana socks, a joke between the two of them. Their experience was a bourdoir photo shoot and they just had to laugh at the fun that they were having. Based on what we have seen this season, we think the couple will…….

Keep reading to see what the predictions for the couples are.

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