Miley Cyrus Poses Naked With Her Pig!

By on June 8, 2015


Miley Cyrus has never been one to hide herself from the cameras. In fact, exposing herself has become one of her favorite past times since she left the character of “Hannah Montana” behind. First, she grinded¬†with Robin Thicke during “Blurred Lines” on the MTV Video Music Awards with a giant foam hand that left jaws on the floor. Then she started showing up in nothing but nipple tassels. She was naked in the tub, in the pool, with the Willis sisters on Instagram. Now, Miley has decided that she wants to compete with Kim Kardashian West in breaking the internet by appearing on the cover of “Paper” wearing nothing but…a pig?

Yes, you read right so if I ever see her eat a piece of bacon again, it will be all too wrong for me. Fortunately, this is the twenty-two year old starlets pet pig Bubba Sue so it is not some random pig she picked up on the side of the road. In the interview, the singer/actress chatted about how she feels very lucky to be able to perform topless at her concerts:¬†“I was doing a show two nights ago and I was wearing butterfly nipple pasties and butterfly wings. I’m standing there with my t—s out, dressed like a butterfly. How the f— is that fair? How am I so lucky?” How is she not cold is the better question and isn’t this whole pasty thing getting a little tired?

Miley also poses in the magazine with a pig mask (scary) and talks about equal rights. As she has mentioned recently, not all of her relationships have been with men. She has not delved deeper into that but there have been many sightings in the media of America’s former sweetheart making out with models and actresses. So, what do you think of this cover? I think that it is a very interesting cry for attention but why would she need to ever do that? Tell us what you think about a girl and her pig. This is definitely not “Charlotte’s Web.”

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