Moving Van at Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s House – Divorcing Before 10 Year Anniversary?

By on June 22, 2015
'ben and jen to reconcile'

A moving van was spotted at the home of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s home in Pacific Palisades, California sparking rumors the couple are calling it quits.


With Affleck and Garner battling divorce rumors, with several “sources” claiming an announcement was imminent and would happen before their 10 year anniversary on June 29th, the site of the moving trucks was disturbing.

According to People Magazine, we can all relax. The couple are not going their separate ways, nor are they moving, they are simply redecorating. Apparently, when you are beyond wealthy and you redecorate your home, moving vans are required to move the furniture out of your home before the renovations begin.

The couple will celebrate their anniversary next week. With only seven days remaining until they celebrate 10 years, we are all waiting to see if there will be a bombshell divorce announcement or if the anniversary will come and go, like any other day of the year. Why is the 10 year anniversary special? In California, when the couple hits the 10 year mark, the spouse earning less income can claim alimony payments for a longer duration. The assets are also said to be split 50/50 at that point. With Affleck and Garner being famous actors and Affleck an Oscar Winning Director, there is a lot of money to be split.

Will Ben Affleck pull a sleazy Tom Cruise move and make sure the papers are served before the 10 year mark. Cruise served Nicole Kidman divorce papers just before they hit the 10 year mark without her even knowing they were coming.

Ben and Jen have three children together – Violet, Seraphina and Samuel. The couple are said to be working out their differences for the sake of the children.

What do you think about the timing of the moving vans? If they are in fact there because they are redecorating – it wasn’t very well thought out. Or was it?

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