Is NBC Firing Donald Trump from The Celebrity Apprentice?

By on June 11, 2015

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Is NBC firing Donald Trump from his hosting duties on their hit The Celebrity Apprentice? The New York Post‘s Page Six is reporting that network insiders are saying yes, that The Donald will be fired from the show he made number one. Can that be?!

Trump has been toying with the idea of making a run for president for quite some awhile. This time it seems as if it could be more than talk. There are plans for him to make a big announcement on Tuesday, with many believing it could be him throwing his hat in the ring.

Does this mean he’s trading in the Boardroom for the Oval Office?

According to the Page Six report, network insiders are saying he cannot remain as the host if he runs. They won’t allow him continue to make celebrities squirm while stumping for the White House.

Trump was happy to announce that NBC picked up the show for another season so what is he thinking? The businessman turned television star has worn many hats. Does he believe he can run for president while uttering his famous line, “You’re fired!”?

The show has not only been a huge hit for NBC but Trump along with his celebrity cast has raised millions of dollars for charity. It has also given exposure to stars hoping to breathe life into their careers.

Who could forget Bret Michaels leaving the intensive care unit after nearly dying from a subarachnoid hemorrhage only to incite The Donald by coming back as a contestant for the All Star version and getting fired first. Nobody ever wants to get fired first!

Who could forget the legendary Joan Rivers running circles around the celebs showing The Donald that she had what it took to be the Celebrity Apprentice!

Then there was curmudgeon Trace Adkins graciously and generously donating to rival Penn Jillette’s cause showing what a true gentleman he is followed by this year’s win by Leeza Gibbons who trounced Geraldo Rivera but in the classiest way.

All of that is made possible with one man sitting in the Boardroom, and that man is Donald Trump. While reports have one of his kids, Don Jr. Ivanka, or Eric, taking over hosting duties, other scenarios include finding an alternate or even waiting to see what happens should he run.

Nobody from NBC is talking officially. Donald Trump knows how to milk a good story so he’s not commenting either, surely enjoying being the subject of talk about a presidential run and his hit show.

What do you think about his possible run for president? Can he run while hosting the wildly popular show? Are his kids up to the task? Do you think he’s really running for president?

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