Pharrell Williams Saves Kim Kardashian After Dress Catches Fire at CFDA Awards

By on June 2, 2015

Kim K Pharrell

Kim Kardashian has Pharrell to thank for saving her after her designer dress caught fire at the CFDA Awards. Things have been heating up in Kim’s personal life between celebrating her one year anniversary with husband Kanye West, announcing her second pregnancy, and supporting Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, but it seems that wasn’t enough heat for Kim who brushed up against a candle setting her dress aflame.

Thankfully for Kim, Pharrell Williams was nearby to douse the fire and save her custom Proenza Schouler feathered concoction. Kim posted about the scary incident on Instagram saying: Shout out to Pharrell & Helen who saved my life last night.” Apparently one of the feathers caught fire and Pharrell jumped on her to put it out giving new meaning to stop, drop and roll.

Kim’s dress was an embellished but sheer material with what appeared to be a black bra and panties underneath. Completing her new maternity look was a pair of high heels and of course, love of her life, Kanye, by her side.

Kardashian’s look is your typical maternity look which usually consists of ugly stripes and polka dots. She avoided maternity clothing for her first pregnancy also and was often the target of criticism about her fashion choices and weight. This time around it looks like she’s going to continue with the daring fashion choices that all seem to be approved by Kanye.

The extinguished custom duds just added to the exciting week she’s been having though the mom-to-be is saying she is suffering from morning sickness, the all day kind. She’s not complaining though considering how hard her and Kanye have been trying to expand their family.

North, affectionately known as Nori, is going to be a big sister. Kim has talked about wanting to have more children and pass along the traditions she shared with her famous siblings. While Kim has not given a due date yet, some guess it could be a December baby.

We’ll just keep watching for Kim’s fashions until then and hope that she avoids going too close to fire or that she travels with Pharrell.

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