Pretty Little Liars Celebrates Five Years – Photos

By on June 8, 2015

Pretty Little Liars pilot

Can you believe it’s been 5 years since our TV’s were graced with the best teen drama in the history of cable television?! Well it has, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY PLL because on this very day 5 years ago, A monster was born and has been wreaking havoc on the town of Rosewood ever since. The pilot episode, which introduced Aria, Alison, Hanna, Emily and Spencer as five young girls enjoying a sleepover before their next school year begins, turned into a murder mystery of a young blood with a heart shaped face, known only as Ms. Alison DiLaurentis.

Since then, we have had question after question, answer after answer and more questions but with the show entering it’s sixth season, known as the #SummerOfAnswers, we are finally unraveling the mystery behind the one and only Charles, better known as A. Mona was revealed as the first and original A from the season 2 finale, and has yet to live down the scarlet letter, but it has also been revealed that a new A came to town during season 3 and stole the game from Mona. This A is our current and deadliest of them all. Check out the season 6 premiere recap here!

pll season 1 poster

Tomorrow is an all new episode and it’s obvious that Charles’ torment on the girls will have a lasting effect on them and not go away so easily. During their stay in the Dollhouse, all four of our precious little liars were tortured and messed with by Charles himself and tomorrow will reveal all that happened during that three week period. This season promises to get darker and more twisted than it’s been before and we are so ready. Stick with us every week for our Pretty Little Recaps!. Pretty Little Liars airs every Tuesday at 8/7c only on ABC Family. Below are some sneak peek stills of tomorrow’s episode, enjoy!

pll 6x02spencer pll 6x02emily and sara pll 6x02spoby pll 6x02sara pll 6x02aria pll 6x02

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