Pretty Little Liars Recap 6/2/15 Season 6 Premiere Episode 1 – Game On, Charles

By on June 2, 2015
game on, charles
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Alright Pretty Little Liars fans we are BACK with the season 6 premiere Game On, Charles. The ending of last season found our precious little liars trapped in A’s dollhouse and putting on a prom to celebrate him and Alison being prom King and Queen. The girls tricked Charles and made a run for it but realized ultimately, they were trapped inside and there was no way out, at least not yet. Tonight’s episode brought a lot of closure to the dollhouse as our liars, including Mona and a certain Mystery Girl, escaped the dollhouse. Read all about the shocking Pretty Little Liars season five finale, Welcome to the Dollhouse, here!

tonight on PLL

Tonight on Pretty Little Liars, the episode opened up exactly where we left off with the liars escaping Charles’ dollhouse only to find themselves still fenced in. We then see a blonde mystery girl dressed exactly as Alison was, just like Mona. She is counting the days on the wall in white chalk but has also drawn a sun and some other pictures on the walls. She paces back and forth in her room, until she hears the other girls running from their prom and trying to make it out. She watches on and scurries to the bed, clearly she is scared of more than Charles but anyone in general, who is she? We’ll get there. The girls are now outside and as Hanna gets upset and makes a snappy remark to the camera that is watching them, the power shuts off and the doors leading them back inside lock, trapping them from getting back inside as a storm rolls in.

Spencer tells the girls that when she got close to Charles in his vault, she felt as if she knew him, as if he were a distant cousin of the sorts, something she can’t put her finger on at first but she knows there is something weird with the connection he has in all of this and as A. The storm comes in and the PLL’s are left outside without food, water or shelter except the fabrics from their dresses. During the storm, Aria starts to question how long they can survive, Spencer and Mona say 3 weeks without food but not the same with water, that varies on the person at hand. Mona reassures that they can all handle anything that Charles throws at them and they will, together.

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