Pretty Little Liars Recap 6/23/15- Season 6, Ep. 4- Don’t Look Now

By on June 23, 2015
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“Pretty Little Liars” gave us an idea of who A could be but it is all twisted in long-standing DiLaurentis family lies. You can keep up with season six of “Pretty Little Liars” right here. 

pll kenneth liar

After being released from the Dollhouse, with Charles holding the girls hostage, Aria along with Hanna, Spencer and Emily are all convinced that Charles is actually classmate Andrew. There were no grounds to hold him in prison after a certain point so he was released, much to the concern of the girls and their families. No one wants to go back to school and deal with all the looks and the questions and Mona has been taken out of town by her Mom since she was forced to play by the rules in the Dollhouse. All the girls are trying to get their lives back but it is not easy at all because they keep having flashbacks to being trapped. They are now learning that they were pinned against one another when they were trapped yet no one was truly physically hurt. Mentally hurt…for sure.

Aria is spending time at the cafe with Ezra who found out that Andrew was actually adopted. When Ali asked her father about a Charles DiLaurentis, he said that no one existed but a photo that Aria found in the DiLaurentis home proved that it was not true. When confronted about Charles to Jason, he said that it was an imaginary friend named Charlie who was taken away. Ali was able to show him that Charlie was real but we do not know where he went or why. On top of all of that, Sara, who was held hostage in the Dollhouse for years, is staying with Emily and there is something sketchy about her for sure. She looked like Ali when they found her and now she has undergone a complete make-over. Creepy. Oh and Ali has a thing for Toby’s partner, Lorenzo. No biggie.

Tonight, Kenneth reveals info about his family’s link to Charles and shares a clue about Charles’ past, which leads the girls to Radley Sanitarium. Meanwhile, Caleb’s overprotective nature irks Hanna while Spencer wants to cure her sleeping problems.

Keep reading to see what they uncover.

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