Pretty Little Liars Recap 6/30/15- Season 6, Ep. 5- She’s No Angel

By on June 30, 2015
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“Pretty Little Liars” is packing a punch for it’s sixth season and a lot of questions have been answered. Yet, with every season, so many question arise from the doors that do close. You can keep up with “Pretty Little Liars” right here.

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Charles is A; at least that was what we thought. Turns out that Charles aka Charlie DiLaurentis was Ali and Jason’s brother but he was very dangerous, even as a small child so they sent him away. He ended up at Radley where he died at sixteen. The family made Jason believe that Charlie was an imaginary friend but the proof was in the photos. The girls and Jason headed down to their Aunt Carol’s house, which had been vacant for a year, to see if they could find Charlie. See, now that Radley is closed, files of patients were being sent to a hospital or a shredder. Aria was able to find Charlie’s file but all they can see is him age 13-16. They do have a list of visitors, Mrs. D and Aunt Carol, who died a few years back. They hoped that Carol’s home would hold the clues especially since Mr. D claimed that he was out of town when Charlie died and Mrs. D chose to have his body cremated and ashes spread.

When they get to Carol’s, they do end up finding a grave for Charlie but Hanna does not believe it is real so she starts to dig. They soon realize that there are weeds weaving around the grave, proving it had been there a while. But that does not mean Charlie has. Meanwhile, Sara, who was held hostage for two years in the Dollhouse is freaking me out. She’s growing super close to Emily but randomly runs away. Am I the only one who thinks she’s a little whackadoodle?

Tonight,┬áMona comes back to town after faking her death and faces questions from the cops. Meanwhile, Hanna dedicates herself to assisting Mona and Emily suggests that Sara get emancipated. At the same time, Alison bonds with Toby’s partner, Lorenzo. Not a good idea!

Keep reading to see what we uncover tonight!

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