Pretty Little Liars Recap 6/9/15 Season 6 Episode 2 – Songs of Innocence

By on June 9, 2015
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Last week on Pretty Little Liars it was Game On Charles as the girls fought their way out of Charles’ creepy dollhouse and were saved by not only their significant others but yes, Alison DiLaurentis herself helped save the girls, putting her own life with A in extreme danger to get them back. The episode was one of the best premiere’s we’ve had of the series, besides the infamous and ever amazing Pilot episode, and showed us how dark and twisted the show is going to get. When the liars are let back inside of A’s dollhouse, they are gassed and awake on surgery tables in a morgue like setting of the house. The girls awake to Mona, who seems to be unharmed yet terrified. The girls proceed back to their rooms, orders from A, to receive their “surprises”. When they come out of their rooms three weeks later, Aria is sporting a shorter cut with her signature pink high lights and the others look as if they’ve been a million ghosts. What went on will be revealed in tonight’s episode titled Songs of Innocence.

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With the girls now free from A’s dollhouse, the recovery process begins. Tonight on Pretty Little Liars, Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer have to deal with the traumatizing effects of Charles’ three week torture sessions. Now that the girls are home, they are trying and having no success to try and overcome their post traumatic stress. Not much is known as of now what happened during that time but tonight will bring all of that to light. With Andrew now in custody, the girls should feel safe right? Wrong, they are still looking over their shoulders and fear is coming quicker than usual. While the girls are reeling from their trauma, Alison is trying to redeem herself with the people she hurt and regain her place in the town of Rosewood.

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