Rachel Dolezal Speaks Out – She Identifies as Black But Admits to Being Visibly White

By on June 16, 2015
'is she black or white'

Rachel Dolezal, the former president of the Spokane, Washington, NAACP, has been all over the news for deceiving the public about her race. Following her insistence that she is black, she appeared on The Today Show, where she discussed her race with Matt Lauer. Below you will find the hard hitting questions that Lauer asked Dolezal and her responses. Lauer was direct and asked the hard hitting questions, the public has wanted the answers to.

'is she black or white'

Are you an African American Woman? I identify myself as black.

Lauer showed photos of a 16 year old Rachel Dolezal, where there is no doubt she is a white girl and asked:

Is she a caucasian woman? Visibly she was identified as white.

Dolezal said she identified as a black girl from a very early age saying when she was five she drew her skin with black crayons rather than peach crayons.

Lauer point blank asked Rachel when she start deceiving people? She said she was identified as trans-racial and then a bi-racial woman (in newspaper articles). There was a newspaper article that followed up to the earlier newspaper articles that stated, ‘this is happening to a black woman.’ When asked why she didn’t correct the newspaper article, she claimed it was more complex than just correcting the newspaper articles.

Lauer said she has been identified as mixed, black and she has had to answer questions about her complexion. What did Dolezal have to say about her appearance?

“I don’t stay out of the sun. I don’t put on black face. I had a huge issue with black face. This is on a very real connected level. I have had to go there with the experience. The point that really solidified who I was was when I got full custody of my son, Isahia, saying ‘I can’t be seen as white and Isahia’s mom.'”

Why did she say an African American man was her father? She said the man approached her and they connected on a very intimate level as family. She claimed Albert Wilkinson is her dad, saying every man could be a father, but may not be a dad.

Would she do it all over again in the same way?
As much of the discussion has been at my expense in an inhumane way. The discussion is what it is to be human. Hopefully it could drive at the core of the definition of race, ethnicity, culture, self determination and ultimately empowerment.

Would she go back and be more transparent? There are a couple of interviews I would do differently, if I knew what I know now. My life has been one of survival and the decisions I have made along the way including my identification have been to survive.

As for what her children think about whether she is black or white, she said one of her sons said, “racially you’re human and culturally you’re black.”

That pretty much settles it. We will be posting the video of the interview as soon as it comes up.

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