Return to Amish Recap 6/14/15- Season 2, Ep. 3- A Real Emergency

By on June 14, 2015
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“Return to Amish” is back and it is even more exciting than last season. Trust me; I am a huge fan and am loving it. You can keep up with the new season of “Return to Amish” right here.


Mary has lost her mind, according to Jeremiah, Rebecca and Abe. They think that after she bought a gross home to turn into a bed and breakfast that she needs an “intervention.” Let me just say that if the Schmucker family is running this place and will be working there as well, I would definitely make the trip to Pennsylvania to stay there for a night. Knowing that they love their mom, they all decide to help pitch in with the remodeling of the home since it has to follow Amish guidelines. No wallpaper, no carpet. Since the three have been working all their lives, they know that they can get this done but Rebecca is not a fan of all this work. Meanwhile, Chapel is dealing with the fact that husband Andrew has been sentenced to twenty-one months in prison. With chemo looming over her head, she feels like she has lost everyone and anyone important to her.

Mary still feels that because Chapel is English that she should have gone to jail with Andrew. But she is quickly reminded that Andrew has been reckless even when he was living the Amish lifestyle, he was just pushed over the edge when brother Abe rejected him. Rebecca goes to meet with Chapel and they have a great relationship, despite tension in the family. Chapel decides that she wants to speak with Mary so she goes to the bed and breakfast. Mary finally sees that this is her daughter-in-law and that she is not responsible for Andrew’s actions whatsoever. She welcomes her to the home anytime she needs family. While taking a break from building and cleaning, Katie-Ann and Rebecca are sitting and chatting when they hear choking and falling. They rush to the kitchen and it is Mary, who cannot breathe. 911 is called and she is rushed off to the hospital.

Tonight, Kate returns to Pennsylvania from NYC upon hearing about Mary and Jeremiah questions if he should help Katie-Ann lead a secret English life.

Keep reading to see if Mary is okay!

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