Return To Amish Recap 6/21/15- Season 2, Ep. 4- Mother Schmucker’s B&B

By on June 21, 2015
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“Return To Amish” has a second season that is proving that even the Amish, who may call out the English, still have a little English deep down inside of them. You can keep up with the most recent episode of this season of “Return To Amish” right here.


Mama Mary had the idea that she wanted to open an authentic Amish bed and breakfast and nothing was going to stop her. She recruited Jeremiah, Abe and Rebecca to help fix the home that she had selected up. When Rebecca saw the home, she could not believe her eyes and thought that Mary had lost her mind. At the same time, Kate was off in New York City recovering from her nose job and getting ready to start her own fashion line. She realizes that modeling will not last forever and she grew up sewing so she will give it a try. Unfortunately, everything is halted when Mary collapses in the kitchen and cannot breathe. They call the ambulance and she is taken off to the hospital.

It looks like a heart attack and though she does have a heart condition, it was actually her kidneys because she was not getting enough water. The doctors told her to take it easy but for Mary, that is never easy. Upon hearing this news, Kate rushed back to Pennsylvania to check on Mary and prepare for Abe and Rebecca’s children’s first Halloween. The Amish do not celebrate this holiday so Rebecca did not know how she was going to tell Mary about her plans. Jeremiah and Katie-Ann are working together because they are acting Amish but they want to spend time in the English lifestyle as well. Everyone knows that Jeremiah is living a double-life which is what Katie-Ann thinks she might begin to live.

Tonight, Mary has unexpected guests before the bed-and-breakfast opens, so she treats them to a real Amish experience. Gosh, I wish it was me! Meanwhile, Rebecca has a confrontation with Jeremiah, who responds by reaching out to Katie-Ann. Why do I think that they will end up together?

Keep reading to see what the guests think of the new business.

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