Return to Amish Recap 6/28/15- Season 2, Ep. 5- Other Side of the Fence

By on June 28, 2015
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“Return to Amish” is starting to really blur the lines between Amish and English, whether Mama Mary wants to admit it or not. You can keep up with the new season of “Return to Amish” here.


Mary has decided to fulfill her dream of owning and a bed and breakfast. She recruits Jeremiah, Abe, Rebecca and Katie-Ann to help fix it up so that it is presentable. But, there is one catch: Mary wants to keep it as Amish as possible. Kate, still in town from New York City after Mary was rushed to the hospital for heart and kidney problems, also came by to help out. Without notice, the family received their first group of guests who had seen about the B and B in a flyer in town. I think the producers scoped them out so Mary could have an unexpected first run. The moment the guests walked in, Mary demanded their cell phones and told them that they were to wear Amish clothing.

The guests did not know what to make of all of this but it was cold and they needed a place to stay. They were not allowed to use the indoor bathroom but rather had to go to the outhouse in the snow. They also could not eat breakfast until they did their morning chores. In Mary’s mind, they were living the Amish experience, which I kind of get. Suddenly, they decide to leave and Mary is stunned. The house soon realizes that no one fed the guests for their work and now they have to talk about how to change and improve the bed and breakfast. They decide to make the “Being Amish” part optional but Mary throws that out the window when a guest with a reservation comes to check in.

Katie-Ann comes clean that she has a thing for Jeremiah but he claims that she is like a sister and would not go that route. At the same time, Chapel is struggling to stay alive as husband Andrew is still in jail. Tonight, Kate saves the day when another guest arrives at the bed-and-breakfast while Abe helps an Amish escape to the English lifestyle. Mary gets tips on improving her health as Chapel visits Andrew in jail. While this is going on, Katie-Ann makes a big decision at the rodeo.

What will the new guest reactions be to the rules? Keep reading to find out.

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