Return To Amish Recap 6/7/15- Season 2, Ep. 2- Under Arrest

By on June 7, 2015
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“Return To Amish” is back for a second season with Mama Mary and I am so excited to see what is going on with everyone. You can keep up with last season of “Return To Amish” right here.


Rumspringa: when an Amish teen comes of age and leaves the nest to go see what else is out there. This crew went to New York City and they learned all about sex and sin. Some returned home but they did not opt to follow the Amish/Mennonite lifestyle. Clearly, it was not easy for them to live like regular, everyday people when they were not following the rules and laws of the Bishop and the Church. This is said to be the last season in the franchise and though it is a spin-off of “Breaking Amish,” the creators have decided to keep it as one show, essentially. We left with Mary being shunned along with her husband. A big issue was that she had traveled with her daughter Katie Ann to New York City and then attended her son’s wedding to an English woman, Chapel.

Chapel caused a lot of drama for she had tattoos and children and was not Amish by any standards. But, she was also getting ready to battle her second round of cancer so boyfriend Andrew proposed and they ended up having a super fun wedding. He had been in and out of trouble and his family was paying for all of his sins. He also has a brother, Abe, who fell in love with Rebecca, also Amish when they went to NYC. They welcomed two children but opted to stay in Pennsylvania under English rule. Sabrina returned, pregnant and in need of help from mother Mary as did Jeremiah. We also have model Kate who opted not to come home but rather model in New York.

Sabrina will be recurring this season while Mary, Rebecca and Abe are calling this season, technically season 4, their last. In last week’s premiere,┬áMary’s shunning by the Amish church continues, due to attending Andrew’s wedding. Abe and Rebecca don’t feel connected to the Amish community and why should they? Jeremiah, who is still living the Amish lifestyle (shockingly) and Katie Ann are trying to live by the rules, but find sticking to their Amish roots to be difficult. In NYC Kate decides to get a nose job to fix her deviated septum from her childhood injury. But tonight, Chapel will go see her shunned mother-in-law. How will that end?

Keep reading to see what happens when Chapel and Mary come face to face.

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