Scream: The TV Series Recap 6/30/15- Pilot

By on June 30, 2015
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“Scream: The TV Series” may have more success (hopefully) than other movies made into television shows. It will premiere this evening on MTV and fans have already had a chance to test drive the first handful of minutes.


“Scream” was one of the most popular horror films of the nineties. It recreated the horror films of decades past with a silly twist and went on to produce four films. Neve Campbell helmed the films while it was the movie where Courtney Cox and David Arquette fell in love, much like their characters in the movie. Basically, a masked psycho killer phones their targets and scares them senseless. Just when you think you know who the killer is, the scenario takes a crazy twist and it is not what you expected at all. In the first film, it was Campbell’s boyfriend and his best friend who were the killers; in the second film, it was the mother of the psycho boyfriend and a student she had recruited; in the third film, it was Campbell’s unknown brother seeking vengeance and in the final film, Emma Roberts played Campbell’s cousin who went bonkers and was the killer.

Now, we have the television show, which is supposed to have very similar links to the murders that happened in the films. It follows the same concept but every week, it will be something different. Starring on the show, we have Willa Fitzgerald (“Royal Pains”), Bella Thorne, Bex Taylor-Klaus (“Arrow”) and Jason Wiles from the original “Beverly Hills, 90210.” The Weinstein bothers are on board as is genius Wes Craven for all the behind-the-scenes work. So far, the reviews from Metacritic, IMDB and several magazines, the show is above average in a viewing matter. But I think that fans of the movie franchise will just have to make up their own minds. The films have been playing on repeat on MTV all weekend. I am personally excited after seeing “Scream” in the movie theater.

Keep reading to see who makes it through the first episode.

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