Seth MacFarlane Calls Disney Land Visitors Fat as he Accepts Critics Choice Genius Award

By on June 1, 2015
'seth macfarlane'

'seth macfarlane'

Seth MacFarlane received the  Critics’ Choice Louis XIII Genius Award during the Critic’s Choice Awards Show held in Beverly Hills, California on May 31, 2015. The actor, writer, director and comedienne was introduced by his friend, Charlize Theron, who joked the only reason MacFarlane made the movie A Million Ways to Die in the West was so he could make out with her. During his speech, Seth roasted the A&E network, in addition to the award and of course….himself. We have Seth’s speech below and the video can be seen on the next page.

This is very exciting standing here live on A&E, with close to a billion people watching…something else. I don’t win a ton of awards, so this is going to look great next to my soccer participation trophy from 1988.

The word genius gets thrown out a lot which is good because otherwise I wouldn’t be getting this.  Let’s put this in perspective, being called a genius in Hollywood is kind of like being called thin in Disney Land. This is not a bar that’s all that high. Let’s not forget, I am being called a genius on a network that airs Duck Dynasty. This is a show whose cast members believe hurricanes are caused by gay marriage. I wish I were joking.

I do appreciate this very much. I bust my ass and I always try to do the best job with everything I do, so it’s always nice to get a little hats off with that. I want to thank my beautiful wife Alicia, who I married three hours ago, because my publicist said it would make the speech more relatable. I want to thank the people at Fox, who years ago took a chance on a quirky little animated show about a bumbling guy and his family, which I saw and then created Family Guy.
I want to thank the broadcast critics for everything.

Do you think Seth went a bit too far in his speech, inferring that all the visitors in Disney Land are fat?


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