So You Think You Can Dance Recap 6/22/15- Season 12, Ep. 4- Auditions #4: New York

By on June 22, 2015
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“So You Think You Can Dance” is nearing the end of the first round of auditions and they are hitting New York City. You can keep up with the twelfth season of “So You Think You Can Dance” right here.


The hit dancing competition is heating up for the twelfth season as they have two different teams: stage and street. The dancers are up to compete against one another and they will see who is better by the end. We have new judges Paula Abdul, who like on “American Idol” is so sweet and loving; she’s the Mama Bear of the show. Then we have Jason Derulo, dancer and singer extraordinaire. He seems to just sit and stare with a blank face as the dancers show what they have. But then he gets excited when he is asked to go up on stage with the competitors and their families to jam and dance.

Nigel Lythgoe is amazing as always, not like Simon Cowell, and he loves great talent. He is super supportive, I do not care what anyone has to say. We have seen talent in Detroit, Nashville, Los Angeles and now we are headed to New York City. That should be super exciting because everyone in New York thinks that they are either a dancer or an actor so you know that everyone is going to think that they can dance…but they probably can’t. I’m excited to see what the street teams look like as well as the stage and what their prior training is. I am also excited to see if anyone who was rejected before will be back to audition like others we have seen. Some have been rejected this season and come back for more while others have come back after previous seasons. We even got to see a couple who met in line last season and now are engaged and are headed to Vegas together. I’m hoping for a wedding.

Keep reading to see the crazy talent that is about to come out of New York City.

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