So You Think You Can Dance Recap 6/29/15- Season 12, Ep. 5- Vegas Callbacks #1

By on June 29, 2015
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“So You Think You Can Dance” has made it through the most brutal part for the judges and the dancers: the auditions that went on for four weeks. You can keep up with season twelve of “So You Think You Can Dance” right here.


This season brought in two new elements: new judges and teams. They have a street team and a stage team and in the end, we will see which style will reign victorious. We also have new judges Paula Abdul, formerly of “American Idol” fame and singer/dancer Jason Derulo. Paula always brings the excitement and she just seems happy to be there whereas Jason seems like he is always bored. That is until he gets to go up on stage with a bunch of kids and shake his tail feather or sing. And of course, there is Nigel Lythgoe who is charming even when he does not like someone. The judges always offer alternatives to the dancers based on what they seem to do best and I like that.

We saw people from Nashville, Detroit, Los Angeles and New York City and now, after all the tickets have been handed out, we are headed to Las Vegas (finally). It’s kind of funny that they chose Vegas when the minimum age to audition is eighteen and you cannot gamble until you are twenty-one. I am still hoping that the engaged couple who met in line last season will tie the knot in Sin City. Be prepared for Twitch’s street team and Travis’ stage team as they are perfecting their dancers. It’s going to be a battle but I am fairly certain that there will be a lot of entertainment throughout the next few weeks.

Tonight, we start the first round of Vegas call-backs and we will start to see the teams re-shape themselves once again. I wonder if a stage dancer could be traded for a street dancer?

Keep reading to see how the dancers fare in Las Vegas.

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